Wednesday, January 31, 2007


What does one do when they back into a motorcycle?
the making of the holy toast
They make toast! Okay, this may horrify and offend some folks and I don't mean to do that but a girl needs all the help she can get. Monday I hopped into the car to go to the market and as I was backing up to get out of the parking spot (street parking people) I heard the unmistakable crunch of vehicle hitting vehicle but I had looked in my mirrors and behind me and there was nothing so as the crunching continues for all of another second I can't register the noise becasue I couldn't see anything! I stop the car, pull forward a bit and get out to see a sad motorcylce laying on the ground towards me. The bad news is that I backed into it, the good news is I did not run over it. I freaked and was moritfied and a super nice guy helped me pick the massive thing up and all I could see were CRAZY scratches all over the thing and cracks, yikes! Cracks! I asked everyone who walked by within the next 15 minutes if they knew where the owner lived but no one didso I left a note on the bike and went back home to cry a little. My neighbors told me that the guy had got hit a few weeks ago and when I went out ot take pictures I got to reassess the damage and truthfully, I have no idea what damage my car did. There is nothing on my car, nothing! It was the spare tire that compacted into the bike and the direction the bike went is not consistent with my car and the scratches on the bike criss cross in so many directions I'm not sure which are from me if any. I reported it to my insurance company to be on the safe side and to make sure the owner doesn't try to hold me responsible for everything since the person who hit his bike last time left no note. This all happened on Monday and I haven't heard from the owner and the bike is still on the street so needless to say I am a whirlwind of nerves. I do not enjoy confrontation and I hate having people angry with me. Eeps!

Today is an even more ickified day as someone i adore is stressed and I cannot help them unstress. (yes, you!) Welp, time for laundry, cleaning, creating and more cleaning.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The week in review: january 22-28

A crafty and productive week that included tart baking, tea drinking, wardrobe remixing, scrumdill-do penning and oh so much more. We walked walked walked all over the neighborhood right early yesterday morning and my legs are still whining about it. We visited with granny and we visited with friends and this week we are prepping for a visit from a new never before met firend and I can't wait to drag her all over Los Angeles. Birthday wishes go out today to the ever aging young Dapper Dan who is 17 this day. I wish you well clear thoughts and calm nerves until you get to see the Ivy girl this Friday! Next week is gonna be a doozy!

Today is market day and library day. I also need to clean up a bit and get ready for THE VISIT. Today I will take pictures of my February Swaporama package and send it off inot the world and I will finish a long long overdue birthday present. I will work on my Pink Things for the next 5 things swap and I will finish up my 6 things for Heart least, this is the goal for today...and later, after it isall done, I will set the VCR to record my mindless T.V. (Heroes!) and then possibly, Mr.A-go-go & I will go for a nighttime walk.

Don't forget to eat some Oatmeal this week as January is almost over and then so will Oatmeal month be over.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I finally caught it!

etsy poms
Whoo-hoo! Every once in awhile I get an email alerting me to Etsy front page status and then, whenever I check, I'm the last pair of wide legged trousers in a size 12...lickety split! This time, many thanks to LJ pal lloli I caught and snapped a picture! Do you see? A spunky onesie made by moi! It looks so nifty and adorkable floating up there with all the other red and white goodness. If only someone would give it a that too much to ask? If you are ever in the market for a spunky baby giftie, lemme know, my spunky onesies really are quite cute and the spazimals make very quirky babies happy...
surrounded by spazimals
Happy Sunday folks. Mr. A-go-go & I took a walk in the foothills of Griffith Park today and now my legs are a might bit tired. I'm off to work on crafty things, bake some cookies (maybe) and watch some videos. Hope y'all had a most pleasant week!

Friday, January 26, 2007

apple lurve

a tiny apple and me

If you ask me what my favorite fruit is I usually will answer BOBB! BOBB, to those not in the know is watermelon. Long story as to how it got the name but not really. I have been calling the melon BOBB since 1993 or so when a friend picked one up for me on the way home from Vegas. She was quite excited to surprise me with the perfect melon. She presented it with such florish in the parking lot of Bookstar, Woodland Hills that I serendipitously christenned it BOBB. Another favorite is seedless BOB, you get the picture. As much as I love BOB and I do, I really do, we at the A-go-go household can consume 2 a week, I will have to admit that my favorite absolute favorite fruit is apples. Apples are always in season and each season brings a different apple. I am quite freakish about my apples. I get in apple moods where I must, no I need a Pink Lady or a McIntosh or a Braeburn. Even a Red Delicious gets its moment with me. I however, do NOT like mealy apples. Mealy apples make me sad. So do Honeycrisps. I'm not a fan.

The everyday apple of choice here in the casa is a Gala though recently I picked up some awesome Fujis. Funny as I'm not a big fan of the Fuji but these were faboo! I read about different apples and want to travel to sample them. There are over 7000 varieties of apple in our world! 7000! Wowza! Pictured above is a baby apple. I think it may be a Baby Gala, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure what to do with it but lookie, isn't it cuter than cute? Maybe I should hop on over to scrumdilly-do and feature it for a wee apple pie. While we don't need wee aplles for miniature pies, how cute would that be?

There you go, my lurve for apples is no longer a secret. I also adore apple related things but not the plaid apple crap* that seems to swamp teacher's desks. Apple fabric, cute apples, kawaii apples, anthropomorphic apples...What I love most about apples is that they are portable. The yare great just as is or cut up and tossed into a fruit salad or my brother's famous salad. You can bake, candy, saute and roast them. Apples are awesome. Apple juice not so awesome . Apple sauce is pretty cool too, especially homemade hot applesauce...yum!

Okee doke. If you are an apple fan, why don't ya head on over to my etsy shop and pick up an apple printed eyeglass cozie, come on they're nifty. They've even been featured in the Adorn Mag Blog. Speaking of Adorn, subscriptions are now $9.99 go for it! If yer looking for something more decorative, check out Superbuzzy for some neato cute apple magnets. If you are in need of an immediate apple fix, chop one up for breakfast...smear it with peanut butter, ooh or you can try the jekissa delight...core yer apple and stuff it with a mixture of stilton, dried cherries, red onion & sweet peppered pecans. Slice it and enjoy. I guarantee you will love it!

*A fellow educator and I went to a fantastic music seminar for kids and all around us were preschool teachers and librarians geared up in all sorts of scary plaid apple clothing and accoutrements. Super scary and not cute at all. It made us wonder if there was some sort of rule to becoming a preschool teacher know like mustaches on cops.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

the monkeys are coming! the monkeys are coming!

lurve monkeys: dollies

hmmm...the monkeys are here!

Finally, Valentine's Day dashboard dollies are in the shop and wating for you to provide a new home for them! Please? I am saving up for a new camera so all the proceeds from my etsy shop go to the Camera Fund! I'm about halfway there and birthday is coming up...come on, you know you want one! They actually will fit in a regular sized mailing envie, if not a little plump but what better mail surprise than finding a lurve monkey on your doorstep?

Yesterday was a busy day. Had grandma duty which was delightful and difficult and then the Witch Baby had to go to the vet as she is a poor huffing asthmatic kitty and she needed new pills but they won't just give them to ya, ya gotta bring her in...zoinks! While I was at the vet, I watched a most interesting Animal Planet show about ants. It was mighty nifty and I think I was the only one who was fascinated by it. When the husbandman got home I was so excited to tell him all about it but mostly I was excited about how they put an ant on a wee tiny tiny! Super cool!

Just to give you an idea as to how dorky we are, last night we were bringing out the trash cans for trash day since our landlord runs a bit on the flakey side and as I was wheeling a very full can down our front steps I spotted a GINORMOUS cockroach. (EEEPS!) I hollered a Holy Cow, lookit that thing, it is HUGE and the husbandman being behind me so he can't see it says "Step on it" I reply, that I am NOT going to step on a critter that big and he asks me if it is American or Chinese, I holler back I don't know, it is HUGE. Meanwhile a street neighbor is walking by as we are staring at this might mighty gross out bug and I'm rambling on and on about the size and ickiness and the husbandman is trying to very its nationality and the neighbor guy is whammied by the size and stands there for a minute before scurrying past. The husbandman then stomps on it and says "American, it's American, bad news!" I ask why and am given a lesson on the habits of American cockroaches whichmostly means they like to go indoors and eat your trash and pet food (yuck!) while the Chinese hang out outside. I ask what the difference is in appearance and discover that the Chinese are what I grew up calling waterbugs and there was one summer where I found it delightful to feed the waterbugs oreo cookies...seriously, yes I did, I was around 10 ir so. Another ick! I ask about the little icky oily ones that get inside and the husbandman tells me that the little ones are German. American, Chinese and German cockroaches? Who knew? The best part is that this entire exchange happens on the street in fron of our courtyard whilst I am dragging a way too full trashcan to the curb. We often have discussions such as this. Not just abut bugs and insects but once we had a discussion on whether a Mermaid was a mammal or not. Yes, we were quite serious...mostly.

Today, neighbor mama & I are going to take a neighborhood walk and hit the famous Pinkberry for some green tea frozen yogurt. It may be freezing inside the casa but outside it is loverly. Then it wil be projects, wips, projects...more wips...crafty fun. Happy January folks, hope 2007 has started out quite well for ya!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

long wordy thoughts

cup of the day: jan 19

The me that is today would surely love to nap on the couch all day. I have so much to do so of course I am feeling a tad overwhelmed. I have at the very least finished three loads of laundry. That oughta count for something I guess. I am my own worst critic.

This may sound pat and corny or it may have been said by many a million times over but life sometimes worries me. Not the living of life. At least not my living of my life though there are days when I want to hide. What I am thinking is the carelessness of so many. People all around and their tiny actions that are so profound. Little kinks in the chain that knot everything all up. The hurry hurry hurry and all the rushing. No one seems to have any time anymore. It is not often I see people walking for the sake of walking. For the joy of seeing and observing the world around them. I walk less than I should and not in a "need to excercise" kind of way, more of an enjoy the moment kind of way. When I walk to the post office or the library I am surrounded by people. People walking, running, rush rush rushing around. People on their cell phones hollering into the air around them. People plugged into their iPods jogging to their music. I see such determination in their faces. These people are driven. They are fearless. They are important. They never smile. I don't see smiles anymore. I don't get greeted anymore. My "hullos" and "good mornings" are met with startled annoyance. What has happened?

I come out to my car to find yet anther ding or dent on the side due to another's careless actions. I don't park in a spot if my car won't fit. An SUV is not a compact. It should not park in a compact spot. I don't care about the superficial scratches and dents in my car of which there are many. I do however care that people think it is okay. That people do such things. Almost everyday I go to my car there is some sort of sales flyer on the windshield. I pluck it off and crumple it up without even looking at it and then I throw it IN my car to be removed with all the other flotsam that rolls around it. I see other people come out to there cars and rip their flyers off their windshields, crumple them up and drop the street. In the street! Just drop them. I see people unwrap their gum and let the papers fall as they walk. I see cigarette butts soar out of car windows. I am bump bump bumped by people on their phones with no sort of apology. Just a grunt in my general direction. What has happened to kindness, thoughtfulness, and community. What has happened to us?

I was speaking with a young man that I know who was complaining about his home life. His home was a mess. Dirty, cluttered, crazy. A mess that evidenced the likelihood that two teenagers lived there. His mother, a single parent, works full time and is herself not the neatest person in the room. (Nor am I.) She had offered him up a pretty sum to do the cleaning himself but he refused. He didn't want to pick up after other people. He didn't want to pick up after himself. I offered up words of "be responsible for yourself, make sure not to add to the general chaos, keep your mess to your room so that you are certain all around you is not your fault." He didn't like that solution. I told him to take the money, clean it up and then keep his part clean. I got another no. I was frusterated. A few hours later he was whining again. I asked him if he knew the story of The Little Red Hen. I tried to use it as a view I have of our society, our planet even. Now, I know not everyone is like this, thank goodness but do you see that somehow, everyone is disgruntled with the way things are and yet no one wants to make their own bread? I asked him this and he was very positive in his reactions as I applied this to our country. He agreed wholeheartedly and yet he missed the point. He needs to make his own bread. Just because what you see around you is the mainstream, the norm, the way everyone else does things, does NOT mean you,we,I need to do it also. And then I think that maybe, those that don't make their own bread do so out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of being laughed at, fear of it not making a difference. It does make a difference. It might be a tiny difference, but it is a difference none the less.

Do you know that car insurance commercial in the U.S.? The one about all the little good deeds, the minute pay it forwards? I'm sure if you saw it, you would feel a might choked up. You would smile because YES! Yes, that is how the world should be! We should all be doing what we can to build a better tomorrow. To build a better today. Doesn't maiking someone smile make you feel good? Doesn't smiling make you feel good? Can't you feel the chemical change in your body when you smile? When you laugh? IT is a most glorious, positive thing. I promise you it is. When we think small changes don't make a difference and we think our actions don't effect the people around us just know that it indeed does. I once took my nanny kids out to a museum and we were walking along a park sidewalk from one exhibit hall to another when I stopped to pick up a lollipop someone had dropped in the path. The A-boy (aged 7) asked me why I did it. He asked if it was mine. I told him it wasn't but just because I didn't drop it didn't mean I couldn't pick it up. I asked him if he remembered what he learned in his class about the world, the environment and recycling and he told me what he had learned and then I saw a twinkle in his eye and he told me that my picking up the lollipop was a way of recycling and helping the planet and I assured him that yes it was. The H-girl (aged 4) then piped up "People shouldn't leave their garbage on the ground." I told her she was correct, that they shouldn't and then for the rest of the day, if we saw something to pick up, we did. That was three years ago and they are still thinking of ways to help the planet. See?
A small action done by me has turned into something bigger. Not too big but who knows hope is out there.

I started this ramble because of what I see everyday, because of what I hear everyday. Yesterday on the radio they were talking about China's test missile. The report mentioned the possible threat to our military etc. The next report was about the U.S. wanting to place missile defenses in Poland and Russia's disapproval. All this made me think of everything going on militarywise in the world. I couldn't help but think that all this money, all these billions of dollars spent on objects meant to DESTROY our planet and life as we know it...wouldn't it make sense to stop. Just stop. Stop and use that money to patch up all the craziness we are experiencing? Rebuild what we can, develop better fuel, feed the millions of hungry people out there? Do we all have to watch War Games again to know that there are no winners in violence, in fighting, in war? There are no winners. I think we should all bake some bread.

Monday, January 22, 2007

the week in review: january 15-21

Last week was both productive and lazy. I had my phantom cold for a day and then I crafted away. There was tea drinking and sweets baking, etsy selling and package mailing, movie watching and housecleaning. Phew!

Mr.A-Go-Go & I hit the road on Saturday and did a literal road trip. We drove over 400 miles in one day and managed to even come home. We explored parts of Southern California we had never seen and drove through many a tiny town. We snacked on homemade goodies in Borrego Springs. Drove through Anza State Park and look forward to returning when the park is in bloom. We discovered that Idyllwild isn't too friendly, pretty but not a day trip kind of town, you would need to rent a cabin or something for weekend to enjoy it. We hit all kinds of climates. Icy cold, windy, snow patchy and sunny. Not one of us napped and I even managed some photos. Check out my flickr page to see the amazing tiny houses we disvcovered on the side of the road!

Each house was about a foot tall and some had small animals and vintage items arranged around them. I woudl have gotten more pictures but I wasn't prepared for the windchill! it was ICY ICY COLD! My disk ran out of space and the car was far enough away that the cold chased me to it. IT was so very bright and sunny nd the houses were on almost level ground and it was difficult to get good shots unless I lie on my belly but since it was off a highway literally on the side of the road, I wasn't willing to risk's a peak at one of those houses...soooo nifty!

This week is more of the same without the crazy road trip. Dashboard dollies should be up in the shop later today and then I need to craft away and finish oodles of goodies for coloriffic swap-o-rama. i also have to finish up my goodies for the Valentine's Day 5 things and a special handmade item for my partner in the Hearts Swap. I kind of overdid it on the swap fun for this month...yikes!

Happy belated Squirrel Apppreciation Day!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Photobooth Friday: A first

photobooth friday: noooooo, i don't want to!
His first time and maybe his last. He refused to look at the camera. A few days later he told me he had been scared. at the time when we asked all he did was shake his little fists nd scream "I don't wanna!" Now, he says he's fine. Hopefully we didn't traumatize him too much. This is from a boy who wouldn't ride Peter Pan at Disneyland but went on the spinning rockets four times. FOUR TIMES! He also has a penchant for hanging upside down and for his birthday he really wanted a purple alarmclock. Go figure. Happy Birthday little man, Happy Birthday!

check back for more boothers!
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

how about a cuppa?

my first cuppa

Thankfully, it is not as cold this morning as it has been and I am no longer feeling all sickish and cold-like. Whoo-hoo! Perhaps today will be more productive than yesterday. Though, I have to admit that I was decently productive. I listed new items in the shop and sold all but one of the lurve monkey sets. I baked up a batch o' gingerbread and stitched up half of my Lurve Monkey Dollies. I also watched War Games. That was fun! Today I need to open up the giant garbage can full of fiberfill and hope that I don't get swallowed by the massive snake of fluff as it is wont to creep out quite suddenly and then I am unable to cram it all back in to get the lid back on. I will then stuff the remaining dollies, take pictures and list them in the shop. I will also hit the post office and mail off goodies and I will retrun videos to the library, stich up another birthday crown and clean off at least one surface is an attainable goal. I hope.

This morning for breakfast I delighted in a cinnamon coffee and a slice of confetti-d gingerbread. What did you delight in?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

lurve monkeys

gocco: monkey lurve valentines
I admit it. I make monkeys. There are 9 sets of Lurve Monkey postcards available in my etsy shop. There ere 10 but one has sold already, whoo-hoo! Stay tuned for dashboard dollies. They won't disappoint, I promise. The card sets inclue 8 blank postcards, no printing on the back at all so you can mail them or do whatever you like to them. They need love, they need lurve, they need monkey lurve...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a not so crafty day

But I did find Pretty in Pink at he library! Hooray for free movies!
bday crown: quilty
I officially, finally have a full blown cold. It has been an almost cold for months now but today, it has announced itself. I feel ick and I feel blah and all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch chick flicks but I really need to work on my Valentine's Day goodies for the etsy shop. Bah! Do you think you folks would purchase an 8 pack of gocco'd valentines that are printed on postcard sized cardstock with no printing on the back? I had wanted to gocco the back with a postcard template so you folks could mail the cards that way but my local shop is out of screens and the screen that was supposed to be for the back ended up going to the dollie as the first dollie screen only fused half the image...double drats! I had wanted to get everything in the shop on Saturday but what we want and what we do doesn't always meet up..

Mr. A-go-go & I went to a 3 year old's birthday this past weekend. There was a bouncy house but not much bouncing done by me as it was a freezing cold day and I couldn't muster up the energy to remove my shoes and freeze my toes off. You may roll yer eyes and think oh sure, the girl who lives in the land of sunshine is all whiny about the cold but I'm tellin' ya, it was so cold we lost a bunch of our sage to ice...the plants exploded at their bases and there was ice cold freezing icey ice just hanging out...there was even frost all over the bacopa which sadly also died as did our snap peas. Oddly enough, the lettuce is fine. Who knows? anywhoo, we made the birthday boy a quilty birthday crown featuring his favorite color, pink and then whipped up a mix cd of songs inspired by the color. Cotton Candy by The Sylvers and Fat Bottomed Girls (heehee) by Queen were featured. We love a pink mix, we do indeed! Has anyone out there found any Valentine's Day candy? I've been looking left & right and can only find the valentine card and candy packs and what I want are gumdrops, m&ms, red hots, etc...good old Target has let me down...pooh!

Time now for some tea and some girlie flicks...have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Week in Review: January 8-14

This was a fairly creative week. Super creative actually. While I may not have finished all the projects I started, I did start many that are almost done. Go me! I also did a bit of visiting with old friends, new friends and family and as always, there were sweets. Lots and lots of sweets. Homemade sweets and purchased. The best ever chocolate cookie I have ever experienced was experienced last week. It was a large chocolate brownie cookie. The cookie itself was beautiful and the flavor was so perfect, I kept walking around exclaiming about the cookie. I had only picked up the one and luckily it is a far enough drive that I won't venture out just for a cookie but it is near my school so watch put out! If you are in the Los Angeles area or anywhere near Pasadena. Check out Europane on Colorado and Mentor...soooooo good! For you foodies, the loverly proprietor, Sumi Chang once did her art at our very onw La Brea Bakery. So, head on over, you won't be disappointed!

Today is Hat Day so hopefully I can get my tail in gear to post about the hatmaking activities that will be going on today at the casa. To tide y'all over, you can check out my Kaboodle page and try some of the links I gathered. Today we will be a boothing it up with an almost birthday boy and of course, finishing up a whole slew of crafty projects! Happy Hat Day folks! Have a good one!

Friday, January 12, 2007

friday, thank mawd

I cleaned off my kitchen table, I did, I swear it, but somehow magazines, colored pasta, cardboard suitcases, ribbon and mail moved in...sheesh! Every surface in this tiny home is covered with stuff. My stuff to be more precise. Mr. A-go-go is an organized person who does not acquire stuff and when he does he throws something else out and has a place especially for whatever it is he has acquired. He is an organized person, a linear thinker. Me? I'm all over the place both in my organization and my thinking. We can be driving in the car listenin' to the radio and the program could be Car Talk and somehow it will remind me of the man in the orange shoes I saw smoking a pipe by the bus stop. I can also hold four conversations at once, work on three zillion projects, write in three blogs, bake a batch of banana bread, hit the grocery store and do two loads of laundry all in the course of three hours. The husbandman will garden. It calms him. Pulling weeds and whacking off grasshoppers keeps his stress level low. I have a feeling that walking in the casa raises it. So I try. I try to clean. Sometimes it is in tiny bits and when I do, I make sure to point it out, thinking the clean table will gloss over all the other piles here and there and everywhere. If I don't manage to clear off one surface for the day, I do manage to make dinner and a batch of gingerbread. Gingerbread is his favorite. I'm sneaky like that.

Don't forget to check out scrumdilly-do! for some soupy fun and stay tuned for Monday when I celebrate Hat Day!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

a perfect day for soup

It's a good thing January is National Soup Month! Writing of NSM, wander on over to scrumdilly-do and check out my soupy goodness post. The technical aspects may look a little wonky but the hert & soul are there. I hope you enjoy it. After freakishly HOT weather we finally have acloudy day here in Southern California. I am going to have a nice bowl of soup for breakfast, in fact that very bowl up in the picture will do nicely. I hope Mr. A-go-go left me some today. After breakfast it is time for errands and then a cheesey commercial lunch date with super swell pals at The Olive Garden. Once back home I will craft away and watch library movies and maybe even indulge in a cup o' cocoa. If I don't get myself up right now, I will end up on the sofa with my sudoku puzzles and tea so off I go...happy soup day folks!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

happy tuesday

I have a thing for robots. Toy robots specifically. Big bots, small bot, long bots, tall get the picture. I also have a thing for children's books and this robot here is from Nova's Ark by David Kirk, creator of the ever fabulous Miss Spider books which while I adore, I have to admit I am not too gung-ho with the animated style of the newer series. What can I say? I'm an oldies gal. To get back into the swing of my children's book lurve, I have started a new activity blog, or at least plan to, there is one post so far but no activities yet. Check it out if ya like, I won't bite and hopefully I can get my mojo working and blog blog blog away there for everyone to enjoy.

Lately, I have been up and out early enough to say good morning to the moon as it hangs out in my western sky. It hides there ever so faintly. You blink and it is gone. I have tried taking a picture but sadly what I see is much purdier than what the Mavica does. I don't know how long it will last, but if yer up early, look to the west and say Hullo to the moon!

Monday, January 08, 2007

the week in review: january 1-7

A new year, a new week in review! Hope y'all had a wondermous week. Mine was hit and miss but ultimately not too shabby. I am grateful for the little things like sock monkeys, swapping, picnics, grandmas & mr. a-go-gos. I did much lollygagging and visiting and there was a whole lotta laughter and breaking of bread. This week there will be more visitng and bread breaking but hopefully I can get my brain to accept the task of cleaning house. Our little casa is a gigantic mess and I'm afraid even the scissor drawer is lacking. I can't seem to find a pair of scissors to save my life, therefore, I must clean. Like it or not, these homey piles of fabric and doo-dads need to be purged...wish me luck!

Yesterday was a most beautiful day. We took an early morning walk through the remaining 2 miles of canals in Venice Beach and oohed and aaahed over the tiny little houses with tiny little docks and decide that too many peple who live there don't deserve it as it was a sunshiney perfect day and not one person was on their porch drinking tea or any beverage. Granted, it was early but boy oh boy, if I lived there, methinks I would sleep on the porch! There were sad mildewy kayaks and rowboats all over the place. Me? I'd be canoeing to my heart's content. Oh well. We walked over 2 miles and my body has decided I am aging and my hips hurt me like they have never hurt before. For the rest of the day I walked like a duck and quacked all along also. Today, I am not so sore but look forward to more walking. Speaking of walking, we also took a 2 mile walk around Lake Hollywood aka the resevior. It could be really pretty if not for all the chainlink and barbed wire. Oh well. I tried to take a picture from the hill but the glare from the sun made it less than spectacular which is sad as the resevior is quite pretty from a distance...I have no idea where we are going next weekend but I will be checking out a ballet class...gulp!

Today it is visitng with the witchy lady and some cupcake eating and laughter. But first I must get my arse to the post office and mail out what should have been mailed on Friday...yikes!

Happy Monday folks!

Friday, January 05, 2007

photobooth friday: happy new year!

photobooth friday: happy new year!

oy vey but i am not liking me in that picture but don't artboy look grand? happy new year folks, make sure to get yerself in a booth at least once this year before all the booths disappear!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

today's secret word is....


What a way to start the new year. My brain is in total funk mode. I had such plans for this week yet my brain tells me otherwise. I'm making lists full of stuff to do and my brain says eat caramel corn and take a nap. I have many craft ptojects due so I pull out all my supplies and my brain says look at cupcake cookbooks. Sigh. I can't beat it so i might as well give in. Forget all those important things that need to be done like cleaning and scholarship researching and returning phone calls. My brain is calling me and it says I should watch Pee-wee's Playhouse so I must. I can't refuse. I'm in a funk. I know you are but what am i?

Monday, January 01, 2007

happy birthday granny!

yes siree folks! we just got back from granny's 94th b-day celebration! a wee one maybe but it stil made her smile. we had cake and brought cards and watched the rose parade. granny looks quite tired and has aged tremendously these past few weeks but she can still smile and laugh. i love her so and i thank all of you who sent her cheer! cards will be coming yer way soon!

happy new year!