Monday, January 22, 2007

the week in review: january 15-21

Last week was both productive and lazy. I had my phantom cold for a day and then I crafted away. There was tea drinking and sweets baking, etsy selling and package mailing, movie watching and housecleaning. Phew!

Mr.A-Go-Go & I hit the road on Saturday and did a literal road trip. We drove over 400 miles in one day and managed to even come home. We explored parts of Southern California we had never seen and drove through many a tiny town. We snacked on homemade goodies in Borrego Springs. Drove through Anza State Park and look forward to returning when the park is in bloom. We discovered that Idyllwild isn't too friendly, pretty but not a day trip kind of town, you would need to rent a cabin or something for weekend to enjoy it. We hit all kinds of climates. Icy cold, windy, snow patchy and sunny. Not one of us napped and I even managed some photos. Check out my flickr page to see the amazing tiny houses we disvcovered on the side of the road!

Each house was about a foot tall and some had small animals and vintage items arranged around them. I woudl have gotten more pictures but I wasn't prepared for the windchill! it was ICY ICY COLD! My disk ran out of space and the car was far enough away that the cold chased me to it. IT was so very bright and sunny nd the houses were on almost level ground and it was difficult to get good shots unless I lie on my belly but since it was off a highway literally on the side of the road, I wasn't willing to risk's a peak at one of those houses...soooo nifty!

This week is more of the same without the crazy road trip. Dashboard dollies should be up in the shop later today and then I need to craft away and finish oodles of goodies for coloriffic swap-o-rama. i also have to finish up my goodies for the Valentine's Day 5 things and a special handmade item for my partner in the Hearts Swap. I kind of overdid it on the swap fun for this month...yikes!

Happy belated Squirrel Apppreciation Day!

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  1. Great pics and those houses are WAY too cool!!!!