Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the week in review: aug 23-29

good eats, good visits, homecomings, puppy sitting, lots of ice cream and a birthday party. phew!

why is is that dreams are busiest at morning?

this morning was one of those magical mornings where sleep wraps its arms in a bear hug around you. where the toastiness of the blanket fort wrapped all about you smothers you in sweet comfort but for the tickled chill on your nose that comes from the wee breeze dancing through the window. it's the kind of morning where the sun gently nudges you awake but your dreams are not yet ready to surrender so you sink back down into a beautiful slumber. even mr. a-go-go found himself dosed with the pixie dream dust or, rather imp dust as his slumber was less a lullaby than mine.

like most dream filled nights, the dreams they flit away once my lashes part to greet the new day. what i can recall is not so sweet my teeth hurt but is comforting and confusing as only a dream can be. at one point i found myself pushing the worn plastic button to call the wonky elevator that lived in the orange stucco box i called home. my strongest memories involve the look, feel, scent and touch of this elevator as i rode it perhaps at least once every day for twelve years of my childhood. in this dream, i stepped in to find it different,more plain, yet i grasp the handle in preparation for the maniacal dream ride that usually ensues. in reality the elevator simply moved up and down with a very distinct song for each inch of the way. i knew its song by heart and could close my eyes once i stepped in, timing them to open with the doors in perfect choreography. but in dreamland, this elevator not only moved up and down but it roll, roll, rolled around and around at the same time causing me to bounce from one edge to the other aching for the doors to open to end the unwanted carnival ride. i am not sure why this is the case but it is. it is a recurring elevator dream of a twisted dance that causes much anxiety in my sleep. no wonder i am wary to step in this time but i do and all proceeds without incident. soon enough i am on the third floor and skipping the skip i did all those many many years ago. the front door opens to the hall i know so well and i hear laughter coming from the living room. stepping through the door as if this were the most ordinary thing, i am welcomed and hugged and greeted by my mother and brother who are in high spirits for there are homemade peanut butter bars to taste and my mother just returned from a lupus rally. with peanut buttery kisses still on my cheek i head to my room to rifle through the chiffarobe that once belonged to my sister in search of the vintage dresses i know are hiding inside. the room is pink like it was when i was eleven or so and while it doesn't really look like it did, it feels the same and i think how good it is to be back home.

and that is all i remember. nothing much yet every good thing for my mother was in my dream, my mother! and i did not do what i usually do when i dream of my mother, i did not remind her that she cannot possibly be in my dream as she is dead (i really do this), instead, i throw myself onto the sofa book ended between two people i love allowing the moment to dance through me, to lift me up and twirl me to the morning that has me sitting here, sharing with you this almost-magical moment while i eat the sweetest red grapes i have ever had instead of wrapping up an article that is due later today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tossing & turning

i didn't sleep well last night which is odd because sleeping is one of my better talents. it was hot. really hot and when i finally felt cool enough to slumber away, a song crept into my head and planted its roots. deeply. in an effort to banish the song in my head i played the "if i had magic money" game but the song just played louder and not even in its entirety. just the same line over and over and over and over. enough so i wished i drank, maybe then i could fall asleep. since the dream of riches wasn't working, i tried designing new clothes in my head. but all that did was make me feel foolish because the body in my head was quite unlike the body that i have, ahem. so i lay there in the dark listening to the sleepy sighs of mr. a-go-go and the cars rushing by from the almost-nearby busy street. i listened to the laughter and cackle of the kids in the neighborhood running around and the thoughts in my head that tangoed with the tune. my eyes would grow heavy and i would twitch with a start waking up to the old lady howls of the almost deaf cat we're pet sitting as well. once the cat meows, the puppy awakes and the whimper and howl that shoots up from the kitchen is enough to make the neighbors think we are unkind to the animals. so as not to wake mr. a-g-go, i creep down the stairs with the old lady cat at my heels voicing her displeasure at her geriatric stage and half empty water glass. with a scratch behind her ears and a top off of her drink, i step into the kitchen and poke a finger through the puppies crate. his tail wags with the madness of a wind-up toy while his ears and eyes are all sleepy-droopy. he nudges and licks the offered finger then circles around once then twice and settles back to slumber. as i stumble my way back up the stairs my brain chooses that moment to recall the spooky conversation stacey and i had the day before (darn you stacey!) and my imagination forces my eyes closed as i dash back to bed in a now spookified casa.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

two weeks is not enough

mr. a-go-go and i are house/puppy sitting near our old digs. we're hoping to cram in visits with all our favorite people and eateries but i tell ya, two weeks is not enough. or maybe i am just old. i can't hack the energy you need for visiting EVERY day. my body is feeling tired. i don't know if it is finally relaxing after the trip or if i am just an old fuddy duddy who needs lots of naps or maybe it's all hormonal. lately i tend to blame everything on menopause. yes, i know and yes, for reals.

we've hit up three favorite places for lunch and i sure hope we get some pho and/or banh mi soon. i am totally missing them absolutely fabulous flavors. and of course we need to hit Fosselman's because no one else does ice cream like they do. i guess i'm kinda-maybe-sorta gonna replace those wee pounds i misplaced while on the road. all in the name of good eats. if there is one thing i learned on the road it is that crazy big and crowded los angeles really does have some of the best (if not diverse) food around.

today we get to cross off indian food on our list. i am sure there is indian food up in the central valley but not like they do it here. though, while i am totally happy to be back in my old city, i do miss the flat landscape of slo where i can ride my bike easily everyday. i'm probably going to need it to after this two week eat out. happy sunday folks .

Friday, August 20, 2010


i think i'm in denial. with my new short do' i have been excited to wear my other cats eyes and yet when i put them on, they seem abnormally small. i feel like i look like a cartoon character with an enormously round noggin and teeny tiny specs.

just call me melon head. today we are going to see mummies! dun dun DUNNNNNNNNN.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

head still spinning

thank you folks for yer kind responses to my cranky post. i want to answer each one of you and will soon but still wrapping my head around thoughts. darn that thinking brain of mine. today i went to visit with a favorite person who does magic with a pair of shears, and a bit of color. i have a new 'Do and while i adored my pigtails i have to admit, they just weren't the me that i wish to be. i only thought i did and the reasons were all wrong. i may not see the me i want to see when i look in the mirror but boy-howdy a new cut sure makes the looking a bit more bearable. what is that? a smile on my face? who knew?

we're puppy/house sitting for friends and are back in our old hood (kinda sorta) for two weeks and already i'm thinking i need more time. there is so much i want to see, hear and do. so many people i want to squeeze but the clock is tick, tick, ticking away faster than i can count. what's an a-go-go to do?

yikes! this post ran away from me as well and i should not have started just as i fixed my self a dinner of cheerios (yuh-huh). when i'm stressed or sickish, a smidge of carbs always does my body good and it's just too hot for mashed potatoes so don't judge. cereal is getting soggy so i'm signing off. smooch!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

last week

i watched tiny bees nuzzle purple flowers. as in, i got down on my belly on the grass and watched teeny tiny bees nuzzle the flowers. for a very long time.

as we were walking across a street in a tiny town, i spied on one of the young ladies behind us. she was singing the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody out loud and so i whirled around and with arms outstretched belted out the next line. i think i scared it. and the family a-go-go but how could i NOT?

we celebrated our eight year first date anniversary with many a rootbeer float. and we shared them with family and they were tasty. though now i think i want a mojito float. so yeah, eight years ago, mr. a-go-go and i met but we didn't actually start dating dating until the following march.

i rode my bike everyday. i may not have ridden far but i got on it, helmet and all and pedaled around the neighborhood we landed in. it may look a bit flat but my legs will tell you otherwise. one of the rides included most of the family and we rode a few miles into a headwind. there were hills and cows and yarrow. it was nice.

we popped open two dry farmed watermelons. two large and not very cheap dry farmed watermelons. they were unbelievably tasty and reminded me of summer and what watermelons are supposed to taste like.

mr. a-go-go, sister a-go-go and i piled into the car late one night with coats and hats and drove to our favorite bridge where we lay on our backs and gazed upon the milkyway and hoped hoped hoped for some perseids to dance across our eyes. the sister a-go-go saw the most and even at that, not very much. but it was still beautiful and we saw the milkyway and the moonset and heard bullfrogs, crickets and owls.

i looked and looked at job listings and rentals and felt overwhelmed and a little hopeless but hope this will pass and that the right place/job is out there for us.

we played blocks and beads with the boy a-go-go and built russian cities and alien armies.

mr. a-go-go and i popped up some popcorn and went in search of m&ms so that we could catch a movie in the park. why are large bags of m&ms now $5?

oh and i also got my new library card.

so there you go, bike riding, job hunting, block building, farmers marketing and a bunch of rootbeer floats, not too mention an overwhelming urge to run away and give up on blogging but you already know about that so here's wishing you a happy happy (and not too wonky) week.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

on crankiness and stupidity

being "home" is taking some getting used to. i'm not used to it and feeling ever out-o-sorts. i'm feeling a bit thin skinned and weepish and precariously close to a dark hole and it ain't one with a white rabbit in it. i'm finding that i am being consumed with trends in blogging, more aptly blogging popularity. click, click, clicking away to catch up with my favorite reads i am seeing them all run into each other almost seamlessly. there is a tiny chip on my shoulder much like those expando-thingamabobs you immerse in water. you know, first it is a teeny tiny lobster then you add water and whammo! it's like the gremlins are out and there is a lobster worthy of a godzilla-sized battle taking up space in yer kitchen.

this leetle chip is itching to jump into a vat of water and grow out of control. WAY out of control and i need to curtail my envy, anxiety and shoddy thoughts before i become crankier than usual...whinier than usual even. if you haven't guessed yet, i am a bit of a crank, a smidge of a truth-stretcher (as in i do NOT see rainbows all about me) and a petulant child in need of validation for all my blogging efforts. silly isn't it? one would think that moving from tortured geeky teenhood to only slightly dorky adulthood, i would be above it all but still i feel like i am standing alone on a blacktop covered in cracks wishing fervently that someone would pick me, pick me! i alternately slump about and then laugh at my ridiculousness. but it is true. i think that life is a game in which we wish for camaraderie and like. love is easy it is like that is the difficult emotion to win. so there you have it, a pout, pout, pout about not fitting in. in an archetype kind of way i don't. there seem to be many things missing especially now after the trip, things like a cute home and crocheting skills. like the ability to make homemade bread and babies. like wearing knee socks with galoshes and vintage dresses that fit. so many things, so many with very little wiggle room, at least for these gifted hips.

and lest you think i am the snarkiest of snarky know that i adore the blogs that i read, i adore my mama friends and thin hipped girls and i adore you i do, i'm just giving in to cranky-whiny alternate me. and to think, this was going to be a post about slurpees. sigh. gotta love my dorky brain. you dont, but i guess i have to, it's the only one i got.

Monday, August 09, 2010

how's about a little week in review

so...we a-go-gos have finished our kooky road trip. we are camped out in the home of our family and dizzily wandering about wondering what to do next. there are so many options (kind of) we don't know where to start. i think for now we just may tie up lose road trip ends and enjoy the rest of the summer. after that, we need to find work and a place to live...yikes! so here ya go, a week in review that encompasses that last three days of our trip and a few more at homebase in which i did not really take any pictures, consumed too many bags of cheetos and admired the garden at homebase a-go-go.

click herefor a little more info about the week and if yer in l.a. we'll be back down for a visit from the 18th-27.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

yes, we did it again

we went and picked blueberries but this time we added some blackberries to the mix. we're hanging out in Portland, OR right now and will be home sooner than soon. it's been a great trip. a STUPENDOUS trip but methinks we a-go-gos are beginning to show signs of trip fatigue and are quite looking forward to returning "home".