Monday, December 26, 2016

good tidings and cheese

there was cheese. there is always cheese. good cheese, french cheese, german cheese, swedish cheese...stinky cheese. good golly we love the cheese. we also had the usual suspects...carrots and mushrooms and celery with dip...wavy-crinkly potato chips, asian pears and just washed grapes. this year there was a ham instead of the meatballs that never seem to diminish, and homemade macaroni and cheese that was perfectly perfect for a day that was as cold in the late afternoon as it was in the pink morning light when everything was powdered in frost.

i forgot to put holiday music on,but we were so loud and chatty i suppose we wouldn't have heard anything anyway...there were cookies, of course...but only two this year. there was pound cake too, but we filled up on so much cheese the pound cake went forgotten. there was nog...and southern comfort for the nog, and wine, cabernet, which went well with the cheese...i opted for whiskey with coke and ginger ale and the chocolate bitters that were snuggled down deep in my christmas stocking.

we played Clue..which took an unbelievable amount of much time...the five adults playing the game opted to accuse (by the seats of our pants) just to get out of it...the boy won both by default, and a correct accusation. by the end of the game, it was past the mister's bedtime and so we scrambled to get in one round of exquisite corpse before everyone fled into the is, after all, a family tradition. between, there was laughter, and chatter, and admiration for handmade gifts. so many handmade gifts! the sock monkey this year was astounding. there was a glittery bert and ernie shrine, wee journals with hand drawn covers and handwritten memories hidden inside for each of us; a lathed up wee wooden tree, pencil drawn campfires in frames, and a small cheery bit crafted from a wooden spool and vintage chenille stem that used to reside in a fabric covered box in an impromptu crafty shed camped out in the garden a-go-go.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

christmas eve pictures...

a new year, a new tree
kitsch-ing it up
new recipe...meh
crafting up some gifties
homemade lofthouse cookies
december bed

Sunday, December 18, 2016

winter beach wander...

and here we go...
frost on the boardwalk
beach green
sand art
bird gang
shadow play
too cold for beach going

Saturday, December 17, 2016

cookie fest 2016

We've been doing the Christmas Cookie Fest since we moved up here in 2010. The sister a-go-go makes up family recipe that uses nutmeg and buttermilk and while they are super tasty, the mister and I wanted to make some gingerbread cookies...we were not disappointed and I wish we made a double batch! Sooo good!

Friday, October 21, 2016

fall wander on the bird boardwalk

Up with the sun.
Walking feet.
The usual suspects.
Shadow play.
Trail pretty.
Man, I love this trail.
Back at the beginning.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

the middlest

I fear middle age has conked me on the head rather on schedule. I say this because a concession has been made. It's official friends, I have purchased my first pack of granny panties. Granted...these are microfiber granny panties but they still come up to my belly button all the same and appear alarmingly of-girth when I side-eye them before plunging the somewhat still-shapely heft of my legs into the ample leg holes of my brand new microfiber chic granny panties.

It. Had. To. Be. Done.

You see, dear friends, as of late, I have succumbed to the chafe of my thighs...I'm not bemoaning the heft but rather appreciating how much they love each other...they just can't get enough..and so, they hug... All. Day. Long. I mean get a room already, ok?

So, due to the lovefest that has been happening, I have had to encase them in bike shorts or skimmies, or leggings or pettipants, or a combo of two or more and when that happens, there are multiple waist bands embracing my lovely ample self and well...there are lumps and a snowman effect may happen. Sigh.

What to do? What to do? I thought, and I thought, and I thought some more and my a-ha moment happened whilst doing laundry and I eye-spied my hip-hugging-bikini-shaped skivvies from the juniors section of JC Penneys. With a heave and a ho, a sigh, and an eye roll, I knew I needed to embrace the middle of my middle-age and invest in some granny panties.

And so I did. 

Here's to new adventures, no?

Friday, September 02, 2016

walking to coffee w favorite peoples

Scout Coffee on Foothill
pretty copper accents
coffee in jars (of course)
the best pastries ever
meeting neighborhood cats

Monday, August 29, 2016

I finally baked the hummingbird cake!

Have you ever tried a hummingbird cake? I have only had one once before...many, many years ago. I was 13 or 14, visiting my sister and she had baked one. I thought it was way, way, way, too sweet. Even stuck with me all these...decades? I finally made one...a little less sweet.

Traditionally, a hummingbird cake has coconut in it and is iced with cream cheese frosting (the recipe I used did not use coconut IN the cake). I omitted the coconut (mister is not a fan) and iced it with whipped cream that had a touch of buttermilk in it. Swoon! I used this recipe which was perfectly not-sweet...more like a banana bread. I used fresh pineapple, but canned will do in a pinch. I used 5 mini cake pans (a gift from the ever uber lovely zameander) and we ate it all up in two days...delicious!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

getting gussied

I've been bitten by the Lularoe bug. Some prints are a bit kooky even for me...some styles are not my thing...but when the print is right, I'm all over it. I have spent a small fortune getting swept up in the mania but am s l o w l y coming out of it and fine tuning...I know, I know...I am always fine tuning my closet but this time...I promise it is coming together. Next year it WILL happen.

p.s. #doorstopkitty says "Hi!"