Thursday, October 31, 2013

sweet november 3: an introduction

Tara and I really wanted to do another round of sweet november but found ourselves busy, busy, busy with life. We thought and planned and planned and thought and then accepted the reality that it wasn't going to happen. But then, THEN....Tara has a brainstorm and now this round of sweet november is something you can do too. Join us for the entire month of November as we post a photo a day, everyday, with maybe even a few words thrown in. Are ya ready?

last minute Halloween garlands in three parts: part III

 These happy garlands were made with a pack of stickers, construction paper, and XL scallop punch, and my sewing machine (one vertical and one horizontal). Here is another batch your kiddos can do. If you do not want to jump on the machine or do not have one, you can use this method for creating the garland.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

last minute Halloween garlands in three parts: part II

How about some squishy garlands? I used a needle and thread to create both the rat garland and the skeleton garland.

I imagined the rat (mice?) garland would be horizontal with the wee rodents scampering across the wall. Alas, the weight of the little buggers makes them spin and get all topsy turvy so they look more like dead rodents than squishy rodents. But if you hang them vertically the mostly behave themselves!
As for the skellies, I jabbed the needle through their squishy skulls with maybe a bit too much glee and wished I had picked up two packs instead. They make me think of this cartoon.

I've got one more batch of garlands coming up so get yourself a pack or two of festive stickers, an extra-large scallop punch, construction paper, and your sewing machine (or glue and twine).

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

last minute Halloween garlands in three parts: part I

Okay, it should be no surprise that I had meant for this bit of garland fun to be a week-long dealio to be posted before Halloween, so let's pretend that it was and that you love it all and will bookmark it or pin it for next year. Okay? 
I picked up an assortment of fun Halloween items from my local Target. Think squishy skeletons, happy erasers, stickers, etc. All of these items are easily garlandified by using tape, staples, yarn, a glue-gun, and/or your sewing machine.
Many of these are so easy, your kiddo can whip 'em up. That polka dot goodness up there? Those are treat bags. Simply fold the bottom  into itself, add yarn into the crease and tape shut at the corners. Gotta stapler? Use that instead...or stitch it up on your sewing machine.
Got a hot glue gun? Use it to garland-up a set of happy erasers. Be warned, I used a length of doubled thread and my garland became a tangled mess! Use baker's twine, yarn, or embroidery floss to limit the tangling. Trust me! Also, if your temps are on the chilly side, your erasers might pop off the glue.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

scrumdilly diy: day of the dead painted paper garland

Oh how I had grand plans for Day of the Dead this year but then this month happened and well...I'll take what I can get. This diy is more an inspiration post than a true step-by-step diy. I used a good old fashioned Sharpie to draw my bones and sugar skull and then used neon colored acrylic paints to add color to the whole party.
I used a large sheet of heavy weight paper and freehanded the bones and sugar skull. I think the paper was about 11 1/2"  X 17". The quality was really nice and played well with the sharpie even though my first sugar skull looked positively cranky. The second one did as well...the third one worked like a charm and so I stuck with it.
My original plan was to make crepe paper flowers but I got lazy and my back got angry. I really like how the flowers turned out. I used four-colors and alternated which color decorated which part of the flower to make it a bit more mix-happy. I could have planned it better but again I blame it on my back.
I used silver thread in my sewing machine and stitched one side of bones and flowers first, then the other. I almost made this is a mobile instead but went ahead and got all stitch-happy so that I could make the darn bed already!

I have another garland diy coming up. It might be sans the steps as I took those photos many months ago and may not be able to find them but it is another stitched paper garland this time using bias tape...stay tuned and Happy October!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

sunshine in the morning

Yesterday I woke up a tad on the early side...for least. The morning air was cool, cold even, and the birds were chittering away as early birds often do. I hadn't slept well or deep as my back pain wasn't ready to leave yet and so like an unwanted uninvited guest it lingered on and dragged me down. The cats were hollering at the mister for food, meowing like a pull-string toy whose string has long been stretched so their calls motored on and on as they wove around his ankles daring him to trip. I shuffled into the kitchen, neon green socks on my feet, huddled in my favorite thrifted wrap and gabbed the tea pot to brew a morning cup of happy.
As the mister meandered into the garden to attack the packed earth with an enormous pick, I settled myself down on the cold patio floor just as the sprinklers decided to make an appearance.
The birds scattered, the mister worked the earth, and I sat in the chill air on the cold ground relishing the scents and sounds around me.
After a second cup and a camera wander I snuggled under a patchwork quilt to read emails and send out my lesson plans for school. My back raged at me a little louder and so I shuffled back to the bedroom to read only to fall asleep.
When I woke up I spied a tiny yellow bud nestled into a small glass vase atop the old kitchen work table that the sister-a-go-go built many moons ago. The clear glass vase, little larger than a science beaker anchored the large leafy branch with the tiny yellow bud that was so small in size and bulk that nary a dip of the branch could be seen.
Yesterday went by in a blur of birds, back pain, kitty noses, and school carnival sounds. It was full and slow and quick all at the same time. 
Today, my back pain feels like it is napping, the little birds are back, and the little yellow bud is open with its green leaves reaching up, up, up in hello yellow

Thursday, October 17, 2013

up to something...

back in March I had one of those brilliant crafty ideas that hit when you stumble out of bed into a too dark hallway to pee only to think of a crafty holiday project but since said holiday is months and months away you decide to wait on making it and all you are left with is a painful toe that got stubbed as you ghost-walked through your tiny casa in search of a writing instrument....with any luck something will get finished...or made...or least.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i could have dance all night

The other night we swing-danced to Bow Wow Wow as the mister was prepping a dinner for the next day and I was gathering up materials for a new school week. The blinds on the front windows were still open and we could see our neighbor across the street work on his lawn. The sun hadn't quite set for the evening, the witch-baby was curled up on the sofa, and the dolly-cat was winding herself around and around the mama a-go-go's ankles.

My socks made my feet slip-slip-slip across the floor as the mister spun me around and around. For the first time possibly ever I could actually follow his lead. We were laughing and dizzy and breathless.

It was magnificent.

Monday, October 14, 2013

the tarantulas are late this year

Last weekend we hit the road and drove out towards Pozo to see if we could find and tarantulas. Their wanderings tend to build in number around the time of The Orionids which usually hit just before Halloween. We usually spy them around the first week of October so I packed both lenses and we headed out....

We saw quail, deer, turkeys, goats, cows, horses, magpies, and lizards....


But no Tarantulas.

So we enjoyed the drive and wished for rain...perhaps that is the kick in the pants they need to wander...

Here's hoping.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

pom (egranate) happy

I have so much I want to write but so little brain power floating about to do so. It's probably best as some of it is a bit of a buzz-kill (most of it actually) with a bit of an Emergency Room adventure thrown in for fun. At this very moment I am duking it out with a sinus infection from Hades that decided to throw an old fashioned rave in my left ear. We're talking some serious OUCH factor...the tear inducing kind...the kind that meds failed at helping, and the kind that had me circling the kitchen island in tears at three-thirty this morning with an occasional pause to press my ear against the cold marble-y counter.


After I finally managed to fall asleep and then gradually wake up to put something in the belly to mingle with the meds, I spied the pomegranate I picked up at the market the other day after catching a video on a friend's facebook page on an easy way to de-seed one. I decided to try it and holy worked like a charm!

I ate half of the arils with a bit of yogurt and then I tumbled back to bed for a four hour nap and ate the rest of the arils once I woke up. So very pleased with how easy this was, I ventured out...painful raving ear and all to pick up a few more poms. I can't wait to whack a spoon against them! Watch the video here, and yes, it is a smidge longer than it could be but I get it, I do. When something blows your mind like this, you gotta share!

***the most tie-consuming part of this process is separating the pom in half once you score around it. If you have a problem with it, score a smidge deeper and try again. Once you have two halves, the process moves along quickly.