Wednesday, October 31, 2012

day of the dead door decor

I went a wee bit old school for this project using newspaper and party streamers to create all the bits. All you ned is a large piece of foam core or cardboard, painted paper and/or party streamers, white glue, and a pencil.
Mister rescued a bunch of plastic-ish corrugated signs from the dumpster and so I drew my sugar skull on the blank side with a black sharpie, details and all. 

Mister used a blade to carefully cut out the shape while I painted a couple of sheets of newspaper with white acrylic. 

Once the paint dried, I cut the paper up into strips and then cut the strips into small squares about an inch and a half wide. I added a pile of cut crepe paper streamers as well and went to work on the details first.

Pick up a square and wrap it around the eraser end of a pencil. Dip that into a bit of white glue and press down onto your cardboard. Repeat with as many squares as needed in your chosen colors until all the details are all flashy flashy on your cardboard.
My surface was a bit slippery so I could only work in small bits to keep my squares from slipping every-which-way. I did the details first and then filled in with the newspaper. Once everything was dry, I added a wire to the back using a hefty dose of packing tape and stuck it on my door! How delightful!

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