Wednesday, October 31, 2012

day of the dead mask happy

 Mister made our Halloween masks out of cardboard. He formed two cylinders and then paper machéd the tops. After sketching out a design plan he added eyes by cutting out sockets and layering cups so that they receded into the sockets. The plan was to later add glow sticks for pizazz (which we did). The jaws were added when we were invited to a Halloween party so that we could partake of spirits and such (with the help of a sippy cup straw, no kidding). 
Eyeholes were cut and covered from the inside with a bit of tulle. Mister's eyeholes were in his mustache while mine were in a series of squares that were originally going to be the mouth until the jaw was added. The insides of the masks were filled out with foam and more cardboard for a comfy fit. My mask utilized a ribbon tie to keep it atop my noggin. 

A couple of coats of white paint gave us a clean palette for painting and away we went. To keep the masks from looking too robot-like, mister added a hat to his and I added a pile of flowers made from party streamers and a swath of black tulle. 
 We had a blast making them and enjoyed a couple of evenings wandering about (what a trio we make with the family zombie). Now I need to figure out how to display them a I think they are the bees knees! Happy Halloween! 


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    AMAZING! And awesome and twenty-five other superlative adjectives. What a crafty couple you are!

    All the best - Kim

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    They are the "bee's knees" . . . and then some. Great costumes!!!!

  3. Love Love Love!!!! So fantastic!

  4. You guys look fantastic!

  5. Sascha P4:02 PM

    So glad you added an evening shot - the glowsticks make them so much more expressive!

  6. You guys are so creative! I love this so much more than all the Day of the Dead face-paints that have been done, and the glow-stick eyes were genius!

  7. Simply wonderful. Love love love!


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