Tuesday, October 30, 2012

day of the dead: newspaper calavera garland

Things are pretty Day of the Dead here in the tiny casa. I've been working on bits and pieces here and there as my plate is a tad bit crowded these days. Here is a simple painted newspaper garland that I made not too long ago.
Paint up a large full-sized sheet of newspaper with white paint and set aside to dry. Once dry, cut out a six inch tall strip from one end to the other and accordion fold into a final piece that is about four inches across. You may need to trim any excess paper off. Draw a skull shape atop your top sheet making sure your cheek parts and part of the skull touch the edges. Carefully cut with scissor and unfold to see your magic.
 Use sharpies, paint pens and/or acrylic paint to decorate using hearts, swirls and flower shapes. Affix to your wall surface of choice with a bit of happy washi tape and you are good to party! Note, the tape may stick to your paper so make sure you want it there before affixin'. Happy almost Day of the Dead!

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