Friday, June 29, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Summer

What a fun day! Yesterday was a carefree play day. We ate tons of diner food, shopped at Giant Robot and had awesome ice-cream from Scoops (can you say fresh lychee ice cream?)! And of course we boothed. We boothed so much we sucked all the paper out of the machine. We also decide that Andrea needs to be our firend (you do!). Our last two strips were never seen but no worries. We plan to head back to finish the deed. It was a hot ,hot day and it wasn't even a traditionally hot day. Three digit temperatures will come today. Yikes!

More booth-o-rama in the flickr pool. Don't forget to check the sidebar to the right and of course the goddessherself!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some morning

There's nothing like waking up to the sound of a weed wacker, especially when it isn't quite past 8am and it sounds liek they're chopping up your blackberry bushes! I got up so fast my heart was pounding. I tripped over my feet as I scrambled into something more presentable and ran out the front door to holler my head off. The manager of the building that backs up against us seems to think the blackberry push that climbs the fence between us blocks their pathway to the trash cans. Nevermind the god awful overgrown honeysuckle that they had planted that took over and almost choked out our grapes. We need some sort of climber on the fence so that there is some sort of wall between the two buildings otherwise we get to look into their bedrooms and they get to see us draw with sidewalk chalk. The honeysuckle got chopped back and we put in blackberries because they won't be too invasive if we keep up on them, they have pretty blosssoms and the fruit ain't a bad thing either. Erk! The mow and blow crew that was doing the weed whacking seemed to only have chopped off one one branch. Sure it was full of berries but what does he know? Creep. I just don't get it. The added insult is that this building has instlled these psychotic glowing safety lights. They shine so bright it is like we never have a night. So bright! We were hoping that something on the fence may block out some fo the light but the lights are of course, higher than the fence. Oh well. What can you do. What is wrong with our neoghbors? The folks in the house next door chopped down their grape vine when it was FULL of grapes and now our other neighbor doesn't like the blackberries? Huh. I just don't get it.

Today is a "I dunno, what o YOU wanna do?" kind of day. I'm hanging out with the Caffeine Fiend and we're not sure what we are going to do. At least we know beverages will be involved. It's darn hot outside so we'll take it easy. Happy Thursday folks. Here's a picture of some Thursday Lurve:
circus swap sent: monkeys and bits
I think toy monkeys make the world go around....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Tuesday, what shall I do?

I just got home from a little bit o' work and some Trader Joe's shopping. It is hot in the valley my friends, HOT! Here it is kinda nice. Hot but with a breeze plus all the birdies and bees are out so there is plenty to listen to and watch. The mister and I sometimes sit on our back step and watch the bees fawning all over the thyme. There are little lavender blossoms popping up all over and boy do the bees love them! I tried to take a picture but the mavica isn't up to it. Oh well, just know that I have never learned so much about bees until I had a garden. We also have all sorts of wasps, both the stinging and nonstinging kind. Some of them are tiny and the hover over the cilantro flowers like there's no tomorrow. I saw one that was red and black, tiny, so cute! Even with all the heat smiling upon us, the garden looks good. The nastertiums not so good but the sage and lavender are just dandy and I'm finally seeingsome red coming into the tomatoes. I can't wait!

Today I will do a little crafting though I'm not sure what. I haven't made anything for the shop in awhile and I'm starting to get the itch. Perhaps a viewing of Please Don't Eat the Daisies will help. Oh how I love Doris Day! Netflix is turning out to be handy for the summer. Today's flick's are the afore mentioned Doris Day and a couple of After School Specials from 1976-77.

The mister has brought over one of his nifty art boxes. They are stored elesehwere and for the summer he brings in a new one to work each week for a revolving desk gallery. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LURVE his boxes. They are magnificent and amazing and I wish more people could see them and buy a few even though of course if people bought them then I couldn't look at them as much. Imagine a whimsical wooden box that looks a little like an antique radio except the colors are fabulous blues and greens. You go up to the box to see what it is and there is a crank on one side and a peep hole. You look around to see if anyone is watching and you slowly lower yourself for a peek. You look into the mysterious peephole and begin to turn the crank. It sounds like an old school film projector and you wait. Suddenly you are watching a scene. A fantastical, magical story of love, longing, and loss. it ends but you keep turning because you NEED to see it again and again and again. That is what these boxes are. You can interpret the scene differently each time you view it and the vignette is different in each box though the characters remain the same. I need to find an awesome gallery for his work I think. Anyone have any ideas? Sigh. They are trully amazing.

And now for some eye candy. Here is a pretty Vintage Button Card I picked up from Picnic by Ellie's etsy shop. She has such and eye for pretty, pretty things and her flickr stream makes me smile everytime.

etsy lurve: vintage button card

Okee dokee, time for crafting. What colors shall I put into the shop?

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Week in Review: June 18-24

Last week was pretty spiffy. I had a day fo the blues but for the most part it was swell. There was a lot of eating of yummy goodness and a lot of visiting with friends and granny. I went in to work a couple of days, did a bunch of crafting (bias tape is NOT my friend) and even went to an exhibit at the Western Heritage Museum. Thanks Cat! Oh, and, I made it up the hill to the Observatory! Susan, my friend, I don't know how you did it on a regular basis. It took me an hour and a lot of whining, a little crying and a declaration that Mr.a-go-go should go find a more athletic missus. We made it for the star party and got to see Saturn which looks just like it does in cartoons, rings and everything!

I rented oodles of flicks and hit the library up for the Bollywood thang. I broke down and set up a netflix account for the summer and already watched three dvds. We saw The Holy Mountain which had a disappointing ending for me. Sante Sangre is MUCH better. We also saw Easy Rider which had me bawling at the end I was so shocked. I had NO idea. I thought it was a feel good biker flick. I did not feel good after it and it made me very sad. I also spent a couple of hours on Saturday gleefully watching me some After School Specials. Whoo-hoo! Take me back!

This week is semi-chock full of visiting and appointments. I need to nail down school stuff, prep stuff for work, take care of some granny business, craft, clean and visit. Right now I need to get rid of the groggies, get dressed and head out to Darby's for a breakfast date with the Leets. I hope you all have an extra spiffy week! The year is almost half over!

You can click here to read the phot notes and such...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Photobooth Friday: punchy

photbooth friday: june 22

Lookie those lips, those, lookie my man. Can he take a faux punch or what? Out of all the props I use in the booth, this one, this guy is the best. He takes it to a whole new level. I am luckier than lucky to have him in my life. Meow. If you were a fly on our wall you would probably hear a lot of interesting senseless conversations. We are slapstick in our home. We rarely take ourselves seriously cuz when we do things get bad. We get mopey and sensitive so instead, we are slap happy or maybe that is flap happy. I dunno. We sit on the sofa or on the bed or on the porch swing and brainstorm amazing photo booth feats that we never actually get around to doing but someday, someday we'll show you! Sometimes we will be in the car, comfortably driving around wherever listening to tunes when one of us will suddenly say "How about American Gothic? Do we have a pitchfork?" or "Ooh! Ooh! Let's do Captain and Tenille!" okay...that one of us is usually me but still, he has great ideas also and I totally wanted to be Captain and tenille for Halloween but he wouldn't do it...maybe this year, or next year or maybe ten years from now cuz ya, love will keep us together...

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

This ain't your hipster's workout

 I used to think I was coordinated but then yesterday, I attempted the Bollywood Dance Workout. This Saturday, there is a free Bollywood workout class that I was thinking of attending. I am quite lazy when it comes to "working out", actually, I am more than lazy since I don't actually workout. A walk or bike ride once or twice a week is a workout for me but I love to dance so I thought how fun would a Bollywood Dance workout be? To see if I thought I could stick out the class I checked my library and was gleeful to discover a DVD. In all seriousness, I thought I would rock this workout. I thought I would learn some nifty Bollywood moves. I thought I was super swell.

And then, I popped it in.

Not having any experience with workout videos I thought the sickeningly sweet and slightly overacted introduction was par for the course. Luckily it didn't carry over to the rest of the session. Three pretty and semi-curvy ladies are in a pleasingly Bombay-like decorated room that opens to a garden. The music is semi bad 80's movie with a lot of synthesizer. The instructions are voiced over and her voice isn't too bad. It is not at all unlike those early 80's aerobic shows that would come on in the morning before cartoons. The DVD is broken down into parts that add up to about an hour of movement. The first part, six minutes long is for the warm-up.

I stand there in my living room in my mushroom print pajama bottoms and black sleeveless t-shirt ready to roll. I shake my hips, I rock my hips, I am a hip, hip, hippy girl. I sway to the left. I sway to the right. I sway, shake and bounce and thank the workforce that Mr.A-go-go isn't there. I get into the groove and bounce, dip, sway, tap foot from one side to the next and then she says to speed it up and I'm doing a triple step. I'm a little awkward but I find my groove and I'm all bollywood girl. Then, she says, throw some shoulders in and I think to waggle them about kind of like shoulder rolls from belly dance but what the three beauties on my t.v. screen are doing and what I am doing are two completely different things. Huh? Okay, they're shrugging their shoulders. I can do that. So I do. Shrugging my shoulders and shaking my hips, I can do. Shrugging my shoulders while doing the triple step shuffle thing, I cannot. With each shuffle step and one shoulder thrust thing, I hop along the oh so old, wood floors in our tiny bungalow. With each hop against the floors little things jostle and move...a sock monkey falls off the shelf, a pen rolls off the ironing board, tchotkies here and there hit the floor. I'm like Godzilla who needs to get her groove on. I am cracking up but I can do this.

And then she says to speed things up a little.

What? I'm already moving around and knocking things down how on earth can I speed things up? I peer at the screen and see the ladies all shrugging their shoulders double time. Double time! Have you tried that? Are you trying it right now? It ain't easy I tell ya! Not only are they shrugging their shoulders double time, they are using their hands in a whimsical way and they are smiling and enjoying themselves all within the rhythm of the music. I'm not anywhere near the rhythm but I'm smiling, I'm enjoying myself. Actually I am rolling on the floor laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes and I need to puff my inhaler.

I used to think I was coordinated until Bollywood came into my life. I don't think I will be attending the free class this Saturday but I do think I will try the workout again. It's an hour or so long and I only lasted 12 minutes but boy, did I get a workout!

Check out the Bollywood version of Michael Jackson's Thriller!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Under the quirky-not-so-big top

Have you ever had on those days where you seem to be in a circus of sorts? You know, when you open your mouth and some other unknown language sings out and things fall from the sky and you dissolve into giggles so bad that people cross the street so as not to walk by you?

Welcome to my Monday. It wasn't bad but it was one of those days. From the circus mirror in my head displaying BIG time to things falling from the sky to my inability to communicate in an eloquent manner. At least I can laugh which I did and if there had been anything in my mouth it would have come out through my nose. Why is it when people laugh in groups of two or more, the laughter is contagious but when a singleton guffaws gleefully people run for the hills?

The first incident is the circus mirror. I have this crazy circus mirror in my head. It is like I'm wearing warped contact lenses and no matter how cute and perky I feel, when I see myself in a mirror I see circus girl. Funky shaped, elongated in the wrong places and much more curvy than I like to imagine. I look in the mirror and I hear circus music. Gimme some balls and I'll juggle for ya! It ain't purdy when the circus mirror is in town and it lowers my mood disturbingly so. I know I don't really look like that at least I hope, hope, hope not but when I imagine that I do...I am a not so perky lobster-girl. After the circus mirror came the phone call. I had a kick off moment of forgetting how to speak which then shaped my day. I was calling a somewhat local hardware store to see if they still sold eggs from their family farm. In my head the conversation was going to go like this:

Them: Virgil's this is Beth.
Me: Hi there! Do you folks still carry farm fresh eggs?"

The reality went like this:

Them: Virgil's this is Jen.
Me: Folks!
Me: I mean um...eggs! Hi there! Do you still sell eggs?
Jen: Yes we do...
Me: Cool! Oh wait, um, are they you know...the know...what's that word? DO your eggs...I mean does your family still know...well, harvest? Do you guys? Are they fresh?
Jen: Yeeeeesss? (back away from the phone!)
Me: Thank you! (all perky and not at all nutty sounding)

I hang up the phone and start laughing. What was that? Then I tried calling my dentist but the number was listed as disconnected so I called the operated and they verified it and tried to connect me but it didn't work so when I called back ot get the credit, all twenty-five cents of it, I couldn't figure out how to tell the new operator what the deal was and she too spoke to me in a slow and questionable manner.

Then, as I was walking to the library thinking I had conquered the circus mirror with my slinky (as in the toy, not tight) t-shirt, slouchy cropped jeans and pretty white parasol, a HUGE blob of bird poo plopped on top of the parasol. The bird was so generous that it oozed about almost dripping onto the sidewalk. The jacaranda blossoms were also falling and while they are all pretty in their purpleness, a purple blossom sticking to bird poo is somehow not appealing. This is where I laughed like a loon which caused a lady who was sweeping her porch to hurry inside and shut the door. I laughed because I imagined I was strolling all serene and pretty like humming a Doris Day tune when PLOP! At least the library had a bathroom and the parasol was made of nylon not paper so I could wash it off. Can you imagine if I didn't have the parasol? Thank you Chinatown.

Next up, I walked to the local bookstore and proceeded to harass a customer into helping me find a book. I didn't really harass him but I did think he worked there and got all embarrassed because I pride myself on knowing who is who and I should know the staff at the bookstore. I got so flustered that I did that thing where you can't stop cracking jokes at your own stupidity and you do that awkward laugh, snort thing. Sheesh! He was super nice though and took pity on me and flagged down a bookseller who could help me but who had no idea about the book I was looking for which is normal and I ended up finding it myself while the seller was standing next to me which made me clap my hands and say yay and then tell him he was good karma. Karma? I meant that he brought me karma but you know, it was one of those days.

My last stop was 7-eleven for a slurpee fix and all I did there was gut a guy with my poo-free parasol. Oh what an adventure.
aranzi machine gun volume 1
I did however pick up this nifty book/zine, Aranzi Machine Gun vol. 1 (volume two is out in July!) also which is a cousin to The Cute Book which I received a while back from the best box sender ever! Check it out, it is quite kawaii-adorable-nifty-cool-fun. It is a combination comic book/graphic novel/crafty expose'. I think my favorite short in this volume is Miss Applique which ends with nifty applique patterns and how tos.

Today I hope to kick this cold! Keep that circus music coming and hand me some peanuts won't ya?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lookie me...I'm an Offbeat Bride!

Ariel Meadow Stallings, author of Offbeat Bride: Taffeta-Free Alternatives for Independent Brides has a super nifty OffBeat Bride website where Offbeat Brides can share their wedding stories. I'm excited to report that I made the offbeat cut! Check it out. There are oodles of nifty weding planning tips and fun, fun, fun stories like super crafty lady Susan's! Are you an Offbeat Bride? Share your story with Ariel and check out the Offbeat Bride flickr pool. For more pics of Mr.A-go-go & I clicky, clicky, here...

Oh and what you see up there is a peek into how we did our guestbook. I picked up a gray cloh covered album with black pages, stocked up on joycam film, threw a bunch of manilla shipping tags and glitter pens out on a table and went from there. I hunted down everyone and took picutres of them with the Joycam and then everyone signed their tags and viola! A nifty guestbook. Now, I am adding bits and pieces to the book like giftwrap swatches and their cards...I am loving how it is turning out! Thank you everyone who joined us at our middle of the week event!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Week in Review: June 11-17

School's out...whoo-hoo! It was a nice mellow first week of vacation for me. I have a few weeks before I start my summer job so I am overwhelmed with what to take care of first. Yikes! Last week there was a lot of domesticity like grocery shopping and laundry. We have street parking here and one cannot guarantee a spot close to home when yer out and about so luckily, we have a wagon in which I can transport our groceries...isn't it cute? Also, the clothing line has be rehung finally and we're a dryer free zone for the summer. I think I need a new/old apron for holding my clothespins, somehow the freebie Martha Stewart one ruins my romantic ideas of hanging laundry. I managed to complete a handful of projects for srcumdilly-do! and a whole flock of birdies landed my way! Yay! We also hung out in the garden oodles and bunches and there was a bit of family visiting and of course granny. We finally finished off the margarita mix and moved on to mojitos. Seriously folks, if yer local come join us! Jennifer? Jenny? Cathy? Swing on by, Fridays at 5pm...there may be shortbread...

I am now however cold ridden and I don't know about you but colds really kick my arse big time so I will sit here and be a whiny, snarfly, cranky lobster-girl but you won't know it because you can't (luckily) see me! If I can stop my whining long enough I'm going to tackle me some chicken crafting...I still have no idea what I am going to make. Bwak! Click here if ya wanna know more about what is going on in the picture.

Happy year almost half over!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Photobooth Friday: lucha lucha

photobooth friday: don't mess with me

Darn this whole internet thing when it isn't working the way I want it to. Here's a picture. I'm too worn out and lazy to add any words other than I want to make lucha masks and I want to wear one as lobster-girl...hee-hee...happy Friday folks! Don't forget to check out the Photobooth Friday pool!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yummy Cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago when the lady Jenny and I hit the thrift stores on Thrifty Tuesday we stopped for cupcakes at Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank. I had been there once before but wasn't exactly keen on the experience. I was up for another go so we headed inside. It was so pretty with all the cupcakes every-which-way and the jars and jars of candles and stuff. I asked if I could take pictures and was introduced to Tiffany, the owner. We got to chatting and I had told her with a little wince and a cringe how my first Red Velvet from them was unsatisfying. She apologized and later, as I was checking out, she offered up a Red Velvet on the house and this one was much more satisfying than that first one I had. This one was moist and of a perfect texture and all the rest were just as yummy. My only complaint, which really isn't a complaint is that the frosting is too much. I'm a light-on-the-frosting kind of gall so I could have done without but after experiencing weeks and weeks of low customer service everywhere I turned, it was so nice and refreshing to meet and greet with the owner and have her be real. Thank you Tiffany! I'm hoping more and more choose Yummy Cupcakes for their sugar fix! Oh, and the one on top is a Lemon Tart! I also got the classic Yummy Cupcake and a Happy Day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Finally! There has been a blip of sorts that has prevented me from posting sinceSunday and now it appears to be bout a belated week in review?

I'll be back tomorrow for regualrly scheduled posts!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Photobooth Friday: creepy

photobooth friday:  creepy
I don't have much more to add about htis strip, you can click on it to read a wee bit if ya like. Finals are sucking me dry and the lull of the internet is keeping me from my studies. Just one more fix....more boothers to the right and as always, don't forget to take a gander at our fearless leader's post and the photobooth friday flickr group.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Procrastination Creation!

five things birds of a feather swap
So, the five things bird swap was due to be mailed on June 2. I had oodles and oodles of ideas running the gammut from embroidery to quilting to collage pieces but I simply could not decide! Then I got this idea. A hummingbird egg of an idea culled from something I made when I was playing with Nervousness and I went to my kitchen and got some supplies. I stood there looking at what I had and thought, this won't work so I went online to see if I could order something better and I found a lot of somethings but they were all on poorly designed websites and they did not accept paypal. Drats! What to do? What to do...

I decide to sit on the idea and let the world inspire me and then the Queen of Coffee an I were at Marukai where I found exactly what I was looking for in two different styles and they were only $1.50 each! Whoo-hoo! I swooped, I sntached, I soared! And when I got home I put it off...I had to mail my birdies in two days. I decided Friday I would start.

Friday arrives and I am woken up by the linnets' song around 5am. I pop out of bed and do three loads of laundry, hit the market and do something else, I forget what. Eventually I get to my birdie project and it was one of those ideas you have the looks oh so much better in you head! Aack! Now what was I going to do?

I walk around the tiny casa and do little bits of other projects. I decide finally on what to make and though I am not thrilled, it will do. It was almost the same idea but using a different vessel. I finish up after a frantic mad crafting frenzy and now I need to package it all up but how? How can I make it look all purdy-like? Then, as if a mockingbird pecked me in the head I get it! I will use what I bought for the original idea as the packaging! I try it, it works and now I need to prettify it...I search high and low in the tiny casa and uncover a box of vintage lace so pretty you would weep if you happenend upon it, which is exactlty what I did! I then wrapped each one up in a plain brown bag and sent them off to the bird you think they are acceptable?
five things; birds: another sneak peek
Oh and in case you are dying to know, the secret ingredient is unbleached tea bags! Click here for a close-up...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

chinatown may 2007: pretty!

There's something quite magical about the main square in Chinatown. I've been here oodles of times and yet I always take pictures ofthe same things and they always come out a litle different. It hasn't changed much over the past few years but it is so different from when I was a kid. It is semi-thriving, it could do better but lookie how pretty all the lanterns look! I love coming to Chinatown.

Tinker was a blast yesterday. Holly, the current Toddlart chica is awesome and a hard act to follow I tell ya! This week we are creating moonscapes with clay, glue and glitter. I'm going to take pictures tomorrow!

This semester is coming to a close and I have three finals on Monday! Acck! I have a rough draft of my memoir due today and I'm not relly into the groove of it. I have too many stories to tell and the one I chose is boring to me. Oh well. Live and learn. I'll probably change it all at the last minute anyway. The mister's birthday is this weekend and I have to study, study, study. Sigh. Soon, it will be over and then I will be a Tinkerin' away!

Felt Club XL Summer is coming up! If you're in town it is a must see! I will be shopping there this time around!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Week in Review: May 28-June 3

Boy howdy! Was this a busy week! Yowza! I think I will break it down day by day...

Monday: Mr. a-go-go & I woke up uber early and trekked out to Malibu where we had breakfast on the beach. We then hit the valley hoping to experience Dagla's for lunch but they were closed but we did get a chance to try Hugo's famous tacos. Pretty good.

Tuesday: Thrifty Tuesday with Jenny where I scored oodles of great vintage books and some tablecloths. Then I worked on my memior for english class. I also felt a sore throat coming on so I drank oodles and oodles of green tea with cayenne...all better, mostly!

Wednesday: School. Almost didn't make it but I did and then I did some damage at Target where I once again discover that Customer Service is a thing of the past. Grrr. I also lost my debit card but didn't discover that until Thursday. Oh and I realized (more like I got a phone call...eeps!) I totally blanked on Tinker because I wrote down the wrong dates. they had me on for this week and I had me on for next. Yikes!

Thursday: Gab-happy shopping day with the coffee queen. We traveled almost 30 miles just so we could go to a Japanese "dollar" store. Yes, we are dorks. We also drank coffee, ate fabulously cheap teriyaki and only got lost once!

Friday: Laundry, laundry and more laundry! I also hit the market and did up a handful of projects for scrumdilly-o! Phew!

Saturday: We lazed about at home. I did homework and the mister worked in the garden. We took a break to go hang out with granny and she was doing pretty well. She still has the room to herself which is nice. He last roomamte passed away and that was cinfusing for her. Sigh.

Sunday: Our neighborhood street fair was happening so we parked it at home. I crafted in fits and did homework the rest of the time. The mister put in a new drip irrigation system. We lunched out in the garden and watched the antics of the bees longer than any adult should, but I like bees. For dinner we took a gander at the fair and picked up a sub sandwich from Palermo. We split the sandwich and had a salad from the garden and it was nice. During my homework break I watched Wonderfalls. Yay!

See? Busy! This week is my last week of school before finals. Tinker tomorrow because I totally blanked. Soooo sorry Holly! I'm off to finish my Poetry Anthology and then it's bank time to get a new debit card! Happy June folks! Keep cool if you're hot and warm if you're cold!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Invisible

photobooth friday: invisible
Yikes! I'm invisible or at least my nifty new tiara is. This strip was taken last week at Pull My Daisy along with a bunch of others that came out way too bright. I kinda like when the machine gets all wonky but the nifty gal at the shop and I'm sorry but i can;t remember your name, put the magic key in the booth and let us take a few "redo" shots. I want a booth with a magic key!

Today, before 11am...I had washed three loads of laundry, swept the floors, cleaned the kitty box, hit the market, canceled my missing check card and finished three and a half projects for scrumdilly-do! Whoo-hoo! What an accomplishment. I am sooo tired now. I still have to finish my Poetry Anthology for my children's literature class and I need to write 2 pages at least for my memoir for English class. I also have to do some major etsy packaging and of course all those crafty bits I haven't finished need finishing. There are still ten things on my to-do list so I had better skeedaddle! Happy Donut Day folks!

Check out more Photobooth Friday fun to the right and don't forget the flickr pool and Ms. Hula's page!