Monday, June 25, 2007

The Week in Review: June 18-24

Last week was pretty spiffy. I had a day fo the blues but for the most part it was swell. There was a lot of eating of yummy goodness and a lot of visiting with friends and granny. I went in to work a couple of days, did a bunch of crafting (bias tape is NOT my friend) and even went to an exhibit at the Western Heritage Museum. Thanks Cat! Oh, and, I made it up the hill to the Observatory! Susan, my friend, I don't know how you did it on a regular basis. It took me an hour and a lot of whining, a little crying and a declaration that Mr.a-go-go should go find a more athletic missus. We made it for the star party and got to see Saturn which looks just like it does in cartoons, rings and everything!

I rented oodles of flicks and hit the library up for the Bollywood thang. I broke down and set up a netflix account for the summer and already watched three dvds. We saw The Holy Mountain which had a disappointing ending for me. Sante Sangre is MUCH better. We also saw Easy Rider which had me bawling at the end I was so shocked. I had NO idea. I thought it was a feel good biker flick. I did not feel good after it and it made me very sad. I also spent a couple of hours on Saturday gleefully watching me some After School Specials. Whoo-hoo! Take me back!

This week is semi-chock full of visiting and appointments. I need to nail down school stuff, prep stuff for work, take care of some granny business, craft, clean and visit. Right now I need to get rid of the groggies, get dressed and head out to Darby's for a breakfast date with the Leets. I hope you all have an extra spiffy week! The year is almost half over!

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  1. wow. lovely colors. this blog is a mishmash of fun.

  2. Sante Sangre is so awesome. I watched that many times back in the crazier days. I'm so glad you liked it, too!

    You can be our Netflix friend now.

  3. thanks marta!

    yay rachel! I don't come across many who have heard of, let alone seen Sante Sangre!