Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Tuesday, what shall I do?

I just got home from a little bit o' work and some Trader Joe's shopping. It is hot in the valley my friends, HOT! Here it is kinda nice. Hot but with a breeze plus all the birdies and bees are out so there is plenty to listen to and watch. The mister and I sometimes sit on our back step and watch the bees fawning all over the thyme. There are little lavender blossoms popping up all over and boy do the bees love them! I tried to take a picture but the mavica isn't up to it. Oh well, just know that I have never learned so much about bees until I had a garden. We also have all sorts of wasps, both the stinging and nonstinging kind. Some of them are tiny and the hover over the cilantro flowers like there's no tomorrow. I saw one that was red and black, tiny, so cute! Even with all the heat smiling upon us, the garden looks good. The nastertiums not so good but the sage and lavender are just dandy and I'm finally seeingsome red coming into the tomatoes. I can't wait!

Today I will do a little crafting though I'm not sure what. I haven't made anything for the shop in awhile and I'm starting to get the itch. Perhaps a viewing of Please Don't Eat the Daisies will help. Oh how I love Doris Day! Netflix is turning out to be handy for the summer. Today's flick's are the afore mentioned Doris Day and a couple of After School Specials from 1976-77.

The mister has brought over one of his nifty art boxes. They are stored elesehwere and for the summer he brings in a new one to work each week for a revolving desk gallery. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LURVE his boxes. They are magnificent and amazing and I wish more people could see them and buy a few even though of course if people bought them then I couldn't look at them as much. Imagine a whimsical wooden box that looks a little like an antique radio except the colors are fabulous blues and greens. You go up to the box to see what it is and there is a crank on one side and a peep hole. You look around to see if anyone is watching and you slowly lower yourself for a peek. You look into the mysterious peephole and begin to turn the crank. It sounds like an old school film projector and you wait. Suddenly you are watching a scene. A fantastical, magical story of love, longing, and loss. it ends but you keep turning because you NEED to see it again and again and again. That is what these boxes are. You can interpret the scene differently each time you view it and the vignette is different in each box though the characters remain the same. I need to find an awesome gallery for his work I think. Anyone have any ideas? Sigh. They are trully amazing.

And now for some eye candy. Here is a pretty Vintage Button Card I picked up from Picnic by Ellie's etsy shop. She has such and eye for pretty, pretty things and her flickr stream makes me smile everytime.

etsy lurve: vintage button card

Okee dokee, time for crafting. What colors shall I put into the shop?


  1. oh your blog is lika a big bag of colurful candy hard to choose wich one i want when i want it all...
    Just love it!

  2. oh, thank you! that does a lobster-girl like me good. happy july!