Sunday, January 31, 2010

today: january 31

spent the entire day at home. puttered about doing this and that. made breakfast of egg puffs and a fruity-liscious smoothie. mr. a-go-go cut his hair which i still have to check for flyaways and such.

we lunched in the garden and then i went back to my craft article work and he went back to building his cookie-tin dulcimer.

the coughing is almost gone. not quite, but almost. my ears are unclogged and i can hear as can the mister. he asked me to put ear drops in for him but he cringes up, flinches and laughs like a loon as they drippy-drip-drip into his ear. it gives me an asthma attack almost from all the laughing. then he lays with his head in my lap and we watch something on the tube. last night it was Up. such a sweet movie. and yes. i cried.

we talked of our trip and what kind of trip it may be, if we cannot get a new car or sponsorship, we have to pamper Rodney and take a shorter trip. we have no idea what we are doing really. where do we go? for how long? where do we end up? how will we pull it off? where will we live? where will we work? what will we DO? when there is so much up in the air, excitement can turn to worry. and if there is one thing we a-go-gos are really, really good at. it's the worrying. though after all that worry worry worry we can laugh and dance a polka and then get ice cream.

so here's to next week. may it bring goodness to everyone. may we laugh, smile, eat good things and listen to music that makes our hearts sing.

today: january 30

we had pancakes for breakfast...

and homemade soup in the garden...

mr. a-go-go picked all sorts of garden goodness.

we visited a crazy cramped and cluttered music shop and found mr. a-go-go dulcimer strings and tuning pegs.

we had ice cream from Fosselman's. he had horchata and i had my absolute favorite, chocolate dipped strawberry.

we picked up banh mi for dinner at home and we watched Up.

a simple day filled with happy normal things and inside jokes, hot chocolate and witch-baby poking.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

make a mosaic

my newest craft feature on uses up your favorite fabric scraps AND makes for a pretty nifty inspiration or work in progress board. check it out!

Friday, January 29, 2010

birthday wishes: a list

my birthday is coming up in a few weeks and while i'm trying not to accumulate anything new in honor of the BIG road trip there are a few things I have my eye on especially for the trip. and no, i don't NEED need any of this but i think birthdays allow you to wish, don't they?

for starters, i think a nice big bag is in order and sure, i can make one myself, sort of but i could never make one as nifty as this one from fromnancy's etsy shop.

and since i'll be running around in the same dress or pair of jeans and handful of t-shirts. pantaloons or bloomers would add a little something extra plus keep my gifted legs happy and friction-free. this pair is from joyfulbydesign.

and to document all the amazing, nifty, quirky cool things we see, a girl can never have too many packs of fuji instax film, can she?

or maybe this little nifty 110 camera?

and especially this digital harinezumi which i am saving up for personally, along with a fancier camera with fancy whoozit whatsits. psst...anyone at Canon, Pentax or Nikon wanna sponsor me a camera for the non-techy type? please? i'll write all about it...;)

new tunes for the road, you can't have too many new tunes, right?

a new skill would be good. gotta keep crafty on the road. if only i knew how to crochet. i'm thinking maybe a class at Home Ec. is in order. wouldn't that be fun?

oh yeah, shoes. i have oodles of shoes but need that one perfect pair that will go with everything yet be super duper comfortable enough to hike all over and back again. i'm thinking i need to upgrade to an e pair of my favorite keens. this time, maybe in black and/or rust?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

today: jan 28


*felt much better(thank you stupid steroids!)
*heard a childhood tale from a woman born in Kentucky

*got to hang out with this lovely lady
*shook hands with a man down on his luck

*made hearts with hands
*was propositioned then hugged by another man down on his luck

*found faces in funny places
*bonded over feelings and fun with a "new" found, old friend

*wore yellow shoes
*ate peas from the garden

*made a brooch from a felty flower
*picked up an orange sweater for felting

*visited the secret "swiss" alps
*had an asthma attack, laughed way too much, was featured on the front page of CRAFT (2 mentions!) and generally had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

today: jan 27

today i...

spent too much time on the phone with doctor types

had a good cry
listened to happy tunes

got swept away for lunch
fell in love with licorice tea

put on new lipstick
washed a sink full of dishes

wore happy colors
was featured on

said hello to a happy sky
started yet another round of meds

i did not think. i did not write. i did not practice anything of any kind. i think it is time for more tea and this book by this farmer girl. i hope tomorrow is a better day for simply breathing. stupid stupid allergies.

craft space on CRAFT

check it out here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

today: january 26

today i...

*wrote a little, thought a lot.
*was inspired to make this amazing smoothie.

*took care of my health (though i think i need to take better care. this coughing is beginning to hurt!)
*poked myself in the eye. ouch!

*drank too much tea
*picked out some dilly bag supplies.

*coughed more than i cared to.
*did some spray paint mojo

*did laundry
*visited the garden

*spent too much money on meds
*spilled one of my favorite spices and then made the most of it.

*had a good hair day
*wrote out a (very important) list

Monday, January 25, 2010

today...january 25

today among the many many things that happened (errands, coffee, stacey time and my darn allergy stuff) i want to remember the man who tried to sell me a pineapple from the trunk of his car and the fact that the very first song to play on the ipod this morning was rhis song (on top of the world) by shonen knife.

i also got to see some of my favorite kidlets, hang out with a favorite lady and stand on a dinosaur because it is bench monday after all...

i think i saw my first boyfriend coming out of the very store i bought my first pair of combats boots from. i wish i stopped to find out for certain. i feel old.

(oh yeah, Ford officially rejected us as well. Darn them! i guess it's time to focus on a Kia Soul...)

the week in review: january 18-24

well folks, the rain moved in for the most part of the mostly i camped out in the casa and took pictures of um...rain. the weekend was sunny and gorgeous so we headed out for a benefit lunch and then poked around a couple of possible cars for the roadtrip. sunday i hung out at Home Ec shop for a special bakesale and we made over $1000!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

today: jan 24

today was a day full of sugar and spice. Home Ec shop was hosting a bakesale for Doctors Without Borders so i whipped up a couple of batches of lavender shortbread, stitched up some wax paper envelopes and hopped on over for some sugar and socializing.

actually, there was a lot more socializing going on than sugar, at least for me. i picked up a bag full of amazingly gorgeous sweets and passed them all off to the mister. i did however partake of the italian poundcake. so very very good!

there were elvis cakes

salted brown butter rice crispy treats

more shortbread than you can shake a stick at

homemade jam

banana spice muffins

and so much more.

i headed home around 3pm and by that time we had brought in over $500! isn't that awesome? i need to head back sometime soon because jenny has some nifty packages of roving for needlefelting, a new selection of charm packs o' fun and i think i may be teaching a dilly bag class there soon.

**whoo-hoo! we made over $1000! thank you to everyone!