Tuesday, January 26, 2010

today: january 26

today i...

*wrote a little, thought a lot.
*was inspired to make this amazing smoothie.

*took care of my health (though i think i need to take better care. this coughing is beginning to hurt!)
*poked myself in the eye. ouch!

*drank too much tea
*picked out some dilly bag supplies.

*coughed more than i cared to.
*did some spray paint mojo

*did laundry
*visited the garden

*spent too much money on meds
*spilled one of my favorite spices and then made the most of it.

*had a good hair day
*wrote out a (very important) list


  1. what a great day:)

  2. i love your day!!
    please, describe also the next one!!

  3. even before i scrolled down to the jar, i knew that was ginger..