Sunday, January 24, 2010

today: jan 24

today was a day full of sugar and spice. Home Ec shop was hosting a bakesale for Doctors Without Borders so i whipped up a couple of batches of lavender shortbread, stitched up some wax paper envelopes and hopped on over for some sugar and socializing.

actually, there was a lot more socializing going on than sugar, at least for me. i picked up a bag full of amazingly gorgeous sweets and passed them all off to the mister. i did however partake of the italian poundcake. so very very good!

there were elvis cakes

salted brown butter rice crispy treats

more shortbread than you can shake a stick at

homemade jam

banana spice muffins

and so much more.

i headed home around 3pm and by that time we had brought in over $500! isn't that awesome? i need to head back sometime soon because jenny has some nifty packages of roving for needlefelting, a new selection of charm packs o' fun and i think i may be teaching a dilly bag class there soon.

**whoo-hoo! we made over $1000! thank you to everyone!


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Your link for the roving peaked my interest. I've recently become interested in this product (never heard of it before) in that it's used to make "rocks" for a rug on the VivaTerra site. I would love to have the rug but it's $500. I have no idea if I could really make it. I'm not very crafty; I just have great ideas.

  2. i LOVE Viva Terra..those enamelware dishes are on my list for the trip.stupid expensive but so so pretty!

    i think you could totally make the rug. i haven;t yet tried needle felting but kidlets can do just "punch" the roving and shape it as you go. my brain won't be able to make anything other than a rock or blob but i'm gonna try making some valentines.

    good luck and go for it!

  3. This is so awesome, such a great idea, thanks for posting. I wish I could've come! ;)