Monday, January 04, 2010

still with the week in review: dec 28- jan 3

the last week of 2009 went fast and furious. not a whole lot other than some thrifting with roomie, discovering a new nifty thai place (vegan even) and a wee bit of crafting and visiting with stacey and the gang where we talked, talked, talked and exchanged "stockings". too. much. the first of the new year was spent wandering our local cemetery for our traditional viewing of the holiday decorations. it fascinates me the vast green, headstones and then christmas trees, tinsel, santas and such. i at once feel sad for those who feel compelled to decorate the graves of their lost ones and then sad again for those graves that have no decor. such a contradiction going on in my head. either way, the day was gorgeous, the sky blue and the holiday decorations were quite pretty in their own tragic way. after the cemetery, we headed out to alhambra for banh mi from our favorite sandwich shop which we ennjoyed in the park on our blanket complete with an itty bitty nap and a fosselman's run for chocolate dipped strawberry and lychee ice cream. soooo good!saturday we took over kitty duties for some friends and made sure the oldster got her pill, water and food. after that, we hunted down a local pho place that managed to satisfy our lurve for the soup. not perfect, not great but completely enjoyable even if it was a tad too salty and the noodles overcooked. maybe the next bowl will be better as they smatter their broth with a wonderfully scented smattering of star anise and clove. it smelled sooo good! we will be going back.and finally, sunday. we got out the bikes (well, the mister did) and then we cruised on down to our local subway stop, hopped on to downtown and then transfered to the gold line and rode out to pasadena. at our stop, we cruised the bikes over to the pcc swapmeet and took a quick look around. i had hoped to take some pictures but the folks were camera glarey and there really wasn't much worth photographing unless you count those glarey folks. as we wandered around the stuff, crap and junk we heard the doon, doon, doon of a stand-up bass and went to investigate. after enjoying the short concert performed by the phil friendly trio we unlocked the bikes and headed out for the best darn cheeseburgers and a slice of pie. and then, before our bellies could recognize that they needed a nap, we pedaled a few short blocks over to visit with my brother who showed us his latest slide guitar (sooo neat and pretty), his most recent fishing lures and decoys, and their new kitty who is teeny tiny and too too!rather than bike up the hills we just came down, we headed south through south pasadena where we caught the gold line at the mission station and soon, we were on our way back home. once home we puttered about the casa working on the blog, making dinner, picking tangerines, pestering the witch-baby, talking about the trip, and watching a couple of netflix discs (loony tunes and the ramen girl).

hope your first of the new year was dandy and may you have many many more of them dandy days. i need to finish the january bunting, make a grocery list for this no sugar thing i'm attempting, get decent so i can head out and pick up quarters, library books and lita who is arriving at the airport from her quick trip to visit her sister. happy january everyone!


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Oh, yesterday was PCC! Whoops. Guess that means we should try for next month :)

  2. How was "The Ramen Girl"? I have it on my Netflix instant queue and haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet.

  3. it had a lot of potential and was somewhat amelie-esque (magical) only thye didn't keep up with the magic and the story suddenly jumped to the ending. it makes me wonder how much got cut.