Thursday, January 28, 2010

today: jan 28


*felt much better(thank you stupid steroids!)
*heard a childhood tale from a woman born in Kentucky

*got to hang out with this lovely lady
*shook hands with a man down on his luck

*made hearts with hands
*was propositioned then hugged by another man down on his luck

*found faces in funny places
*bonded over feelings and fun with a "new" found, old friend

*wore yellow shoes
*ate peas from the garden

*made a brooch from a felty flower
*picked up an orange sweater for felting

*visited the secret "swiss" alps
*had an asthma attack, laughed way too much, was featured on the front page of CRAFT (2 mentions!) and generally had a wonderful day!


  1. so sorry about your asthma attack. I have been on steriods twice this winter. They are a lifesaver when needed.

    Congrats on the craft site.

  2. that brooch is so beautiful. i love how colorful your whole post is especially since we are covered in snow again.

  3. lea: hail hail the steroids! Hope you won;t need them for al ong time!

    alissa: thank you! i love the colors here and hope you keep toasty in all that cold! can't wait to visit with you!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful, colorful, happy day! Hope you have a Happy Friday too!


  5. those shoes! i need some!

  6. please tell us where to get those shoes!!

  7. aw...the saga of the shoes can be found here.