Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a touch of flu and an ode to yellow shoes

 no, not the swine flu, thank goodness. my flu pales in comparison. perhaps i have wombat flu or possum flu or maybe even the dreaded skunk flu or should i call it mephitis. yes, i have a touch of mephitis. oh wait, but there are no noxious odors involved at least none that i can get a whiff of. sigh. either way, sick is sick and i have a flu so i'm in achy city with chills and overall listlessness. there is a fuzzy brain involved and a general whininess on my part with the intense urge to sleep so that is what i have been doing, sleeping, whining and drinking fluid after fluid after fluid. combine it with the allergies i am having and it's fun times here in the tiny casa. i have five papers to finish, two of which are due this weekend. what some girls do to procrastinate. sheesh.

 enough about the sick. let's talk about those yellow shoes of mine. have i done this already? i have a pair of swonderful yellow mary-janes. they are so swonderful that without fail, i am asked about them every single time i put them on. unless of course i am home alone when i put them on to sing and dance about my wonderful yellow shoes, then, no one comments on them, thank goodness. do you think i would perform that musical in public?
 i first spotted the shoes online in 2005. back them they were only available in black, navy and brown. they were still spiffy enough for me to hyperventilate and twiddle my fingers over buying them. i twiddled because i have odd funky feet. short and wide, they are not unlike barney rubble's save for the high arches. there really aren't a lot of shoes i can actually wear with comfort. why do they offer such an ugly selection in wide anyway? the shoes in black called to me but i waffled. i didn't want to order them online and then have them not fit and then i decided to do it but their system wasn't letting me complete my order and when i went back to it a few days later the shoes were gone. seriously gone. like, into thin air gone. i even called the company and spoke ot a rep there. i gave them the item number and they found no evidence of this shoe ever being in their system. feeling the shoes gods were working against me, i hung up the phone and pined for them. spotting them on a fellow blogger i whined and whined. she got them as a result of me blogging about them and i only wish i listened to my own advice.
 a year passes and i go online again and i spot the shoes, THE shoes and i click on to order them and i swoon. i mean really swoon. looking back at me, not only do they have the shoes but they have them in red...and yellow! red and yellow!and in wide! without a pause, i log in and order them both. only pausing to consider getting two pair of each.
 when the shoes arrive, i drop everything, and i mean drop everything, i think scissors fell to the floor and i can even point out the dent they made. i rush to the door, armed with an exacto and rip open that box. the whole time i am mumbling, "please fit me, please fit me!" amongst a mountain of tissue and packing peanuts i pull them on with a gasp and gleefully dance aroudn the tiny casa. they are a smidge tight width-wise but they will stretch, by golly they WILL stretch. i can can around the house, a beginning to my yellow shoe musical and i swoop to the computer to order another pair and they are no where to be found, gone, poof, like they never existed.

so, my friends, that is the story of my yellow shoes which i also have in red. i got them online in 2006 from a well known american discount shoe store called payless. who would have thought? these were the very last shoes i ever purchased from payless as they no longer carry the great variety of wide widths that they used to, shame on them. for now, i wear my yellow shoes with music in my walk, usually doris day but sometimes a little annette funicello works her way in.


  1. Feel better!!!!! I am waving my wand and you will feel Better....******thud. Did it work? Crap! I'm in love with your shoes too. Those are something I would buy and my girls would just die that I would buy them. I once had a pair of leather slip ons with a tooled and dyed rainbows on them. They disappeared and I think it may have been my girls!

  2. Such cute shoes! The whole time I was reading, I held my breath hoping you would tell us where to get them so I could order a pair of red! What a sad ending. I also have difficult-to-fit feet. I'm over 6' tall and I wear a size 12! Always fighting with the cross-dressers for pumps in the Payless aisle. At any rate, I'm glad the yellow shoes went to someone so appreciative of them. They are adorable and (as always) the photos are amazing.

  3. I am only a size 6 1/2, but struggle with width, so I know where you are coming from. I have found SO many cute shoes that just don't fit... :(

  4. Size six, wide feet here. Yep, look just like Barney Rubble's feet. Those are adorable! I can't believe you found them at Payless. I'm almost inspired to see if I can paint my black Doc Marten two-strap Mary Janes yellow. Or maybe orange...

  5. I love these..!
    Oh, to have pair in RED?!?!?!?
    BTW: My littles wore this style back in the day. In navy. They matched everything. I had a black pair when expecting my first in '74. They had a tiny little wedge heel...
    Always loved them and hated it when they wore out!

    Of course, I just went to Payless...just to "see" if they had a pair.


  6. Those shoes are what led me to your blog a long time ago, via wardrobe remix, I think! They rock!

  7. Feel much better. The shoes are great. You know, I have a pair of cutie red one from wal-mart like that. Got them, loved them & then they were gone. Found the awesomeness of having your shoes re-soled & specialty colored leather polish, turns them even cooler. But, alas my red shoes finally died, as the leather strap snapped :( I might have to go shopping & find some nifty new shoes.