Monday, January 11, 2010

the week in review: jan 4-10

other than taking a short break to party in my wallow, it was a pretty good start to the new year. it really wasn't too different from the last year, i don't know why i always expect the pomp of the new year to make me feel different but i do. sigh.

there was some cleaning, some crafting, some writing and much talk about the BIG TRIP. mr. a-go-go is only slightly freaking out. he's a bit of a worrier but i am sure we'll figure something out. i picked up lita from the airport and we happily chatted away a lunch time and then stacey whisked me away from my wallow and we ate too much at the alcove. movies were watched. the garden was watered. doilies were found, walking happened, and i finally finally got this song out of my head. (mr. a-go-go plays it on the uke).

this week will be consumed with writing, research, crafting and cooking good food. we'll take a short visit up northish for the boy a-go-go's birthday and then we'll be back home, back in the swing of things. happy january!

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