Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some morning

There's nothing like waking up to the sound of a weed wacker, especially when it isn't quite past 8am and it sounds liek they're chopping up your blackberry bushes! I got up so fast my heart was pounding. I tripped over my feet as I scrambled into something more presentable and ran out the front door to holler my head off. The manager of the building that backs up against us seems to think the blackberry push that climbs the fence between us blocks their pathway to the trash cans. Nevermind the god awful overgrown honeysuckle that they had planted that took over and almost choked out our grapes. We need some sort of climber on the fence so that there is some sort of wall between the two buildings otherwise we get to look into their bedrooms and they get to see us draw with sidewalk chalk. The honeysuckle got chopped back and we put in blackberries because they won't be too invasive if we keep up on them, they have pretty blosssoms and the fruit ain't a bad thing either. Erk! The mow and blow crew that was doing the weed whacking seemed to only have chopped off one one branch. Sure it was full of berries but what does he know? Creep. I just don't get it. The added insult is that this building has instlled these psychotic glowing safety lights. They shine so bright it is like we never have a night. So bright! We were hoping that something on the fence may block out some fo the light but the lights are of course, higher than the fence. Oh well. What can you do. What is wrong with our neoghbors? The folks in the house next door chopped down their grape vine when it was FULL of grapes and now our other neighbor doesn't like the blackberries? Huh. I just don't get it.

Today is a "I dunno, what o YOU wanna do?" kind of day. I'm hanging out with the Caffeine Fiend and we're not sure what we are going to do. At least we know beverages will be involved. It's darn hot outside so we'll take it easy. Happy Thursday folks. Here's a picture of some Thursday Lurve:
circus swap sent: monkeys and bits
I think toy monkeys make the world go around....


  1. such a sweet blog

  2. oh, thank you! it's a good thing i don;t blog when i have the least it's a good thing that i don;t blog too often when the crankies hit. :)