Saturday, August 14, 2010

last week

i watched tiny bees nuzzle purple flowers. as in, i got down on my belly on the grass and watched teeny tiny bees nuzzle the flowers. for a very long time.

as we were walking across a street in a tiny town, i spied on one of the young ladies behind us. she was singing the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody out loud and so i whirled around and with arms outstretched belted out the next line. i think i scared it. and the family a-go-go but how could i NOT?

we celebrated our eight year first date anniversary with many a rootbeer float. and we shared them with family and they were tasty. though now i think i want a mojito float. so yeah, eight years ago, mr. a-go-go and i met but we didn't actually start dating dating until the following march.

i rode my bike everyday. i may not have ridden far but i got on it, helmet and all and pedaled around the neighborhood we landed in. it may look a bit flat but my legs will tell you otherwise. one of the rides included most of the family and we rode a few miles into a headwind. there were hills and cows and yarrow. it was nice.

we popped open two dry farmed watermelons. two large and not very cheap dry farmed watermelons. they were unbelievably tasty and reminded me of summer and what watermelons are supposed to taste like.

mr. a-go-go, sister a-go-go and i piled into the car late one night with coats and hats and drove to our favorite bridge where we lay on our backs and gazed upon the milkyway and hoped hoped hoped for some perseids to dance across our eyes. the sister a-go-go saw the most and even at that, not very much. but it was still beautiful and we saw the milkyway and the moonset and heard bullfrogs, crickets and owls.

i looked and looked at job listings and rentals and felt overwhelmed and a little hopeless but hope this will pass and that the right place/job is out there for us.

we played blocks and beads with the boy a-go-go and built russian cities and alien armies.

mr. a-go-go and i popped up some popcorn and went in search of m&ms so that we could catch a movie in the park. why are large bags of m&ms now $5?

oh and i also got my new library card.

so there you go, bike riding, job hunting, block building, farmers marketing and a bunch of rootbeer floats, not too mention an overwhelming urge to run away and give up on blogging but you already know about that so here's wishing you a happy happy (and not too wonky) week.


  1. I stayed up way past my bedtime looking for that damn meteor shower and never saw a single one!

  2. heehee, your bohemian rhapsody experience made me laugh....I mortified a friend of mine when a shop in slo was playing Petula Clark and I blared out "DOWNTOWN!" and all the lyrics that followed as well (complete with gestures and shimmying). I think she hid inside a circular rack of vintage dresses.