Wednesday, August 18, 2010

head still spinning

thank you folks for yer kind responses to my cranky post. i want to answer each one of you and will soon but still wrapping my head around thoughts. darn that thinking brain of mine. today i went to visit with a favorite person who does magic with a pair of shears, and a bit of color. i have a new 'Do and while i adored my pigtails i have to admit, they just weren't the me that i wish to be. i only thought i did and the reasons were all wrong. i may not see the me i want to see when i look in the mirror but boy-howdy a new cut sure makes the looking a bit more bearable. what is that? a smile on my face? who knew?

we're puppy/house sitting for friends and are back in our old hood (kinda sorta) for two weeks and already i'm thinking i need more time. there is so much i want to see, hear and do. so many people i want to squeeze but the clock is tick, tick, ticking away faster than i can count. what's an a-go-go to do?

yikes! this post ran away from me as well and i should not have started just as i fixed my self a dinner of cheerios (yuh-huh). when i'm stressed or sickish, a smidge of carbs always does my body good and it's just too hot for mashed potatoes so don't judge. cereal is getting soggy so i'm signing off. smooch!


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Cereal is the perfect hot weather meal. It requires no cooking and is served cold-perfect.

  2. Puppy and Cheerios? That has to bring a smile to your face.