Monday, January 15, 2007

The Week in Review: January 8-14

This was a fairly creative week. Super creative actually. While I may not have finished all the projects I started, I did start many that are almost done. Go me! I also did a bit of visiting with old friends, new friends and family and as always, there were sweets. Lots and lots of sweets. Homemade sweets and purchased. The best ever chocolate cookie I have ever experienced was experienced last week. It was a large chocolate brownie cookie. The cookie itself was beautiful and the flavor was so perfect, I kept walking around exclaiming about the cookie. I had only picked up the one and luckily it is a far enough drive that I won't venture out just for a cookie but it is near my school so watch put out! If you are in the Los Angeles area or anywhere near Pasadena. Check out Europane on Colorado and Mentor...soooooo good! For you foodies, the loverly proprietor, Sumi Chang once did her art at our very onw La Brea Bakery. So, head on over, you won't be disappointed!

Today is Hat Day so hopefully I can get my tail in gear to post about the hatmaking activities that will be going on today at the casa. To tide y'all over, you can check out my Kaboodle page and try some of the links I gathered. Today we will be a boothing it up with an almost birthday boy and of course, finishing up a whole slew of crafty projects! Happy Hat Day folks! Have a good one!

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