Monday, January 29, 2007

The week in review: january 22-28

A crafty and productive week that included tart baking, tea drinking, wardrobe remixing, scrumdill-do penning and oh so much more. We walked walked walked all over the neighborhood right early yesterday morning and my legs are still whining about it. We visited with granny and we visited with friends and this week we are prepping for a visit from a new never before met firend and I can't wait to drag her all over Los Angeles. Birthday wishes go out today to the ever aging young Dapper Dan who is 17 this day. I wish you well clear thoughts and calm nerves until you get to see the Ivy girl this Friday! Next week is gonna be a doozy!

Today is market day and library day. I also need to clean up a bit and get ready for THE VISIT. Today I will take pictures of my February Swaporama package and send it off inot the world and I will finish a long long overdue birthday present. I will work on my Pink Things for the next 5 things swap and I will finish up my 6 things for Heart least, this is the goal for today...and later, after it isall done, I will set the VCR to record my mindless T.V. (Heroes!) and then possibly, Mr.A-go-go & I will go for a nighttime walk.

Don't forget to eat some Oatmeal this week as January is almost over and then so will Oatmeal month be over.


  1. lovin' this blog but not much time to read now. i'll be back

  2. you make me smile each and every day. You are a true jem x

  3. I love the colors in those photos - yum!

  4. I found your site via your Flikr and I'm hooked. It's a happy place to come in the morning with my coffee.