Tuesday, January 09, 2007

happy tuesday

I have a thing for robots. Toy robots specifically. Big bots, small bot, long bots, tall bots...you get the picture. I also have a thing for children's books and this robot here is from Nova's Ark by David Kirk, creator of the ever fabulous Miss Spider books which while I adore, I have to admit I am not too gung-ho with the animated style of the newer series. What can I say? I'm an oldies gal. To get back into the swing of my children's book lurve, I have started a new activity blog, or at least plan to, there is one post so far but no activities yet. Check it out if ya like, I won't bite and hopefully I can get my mojo working and blog blog blog away there for everyone to enjoy.

Lately, I have been up and out early enough to say good morning to the moon as it hangs out in my western sky. It hides there ever so faintly. You blink and it is gone. I have tried taking a picture but sadly what I see is much purdier than what the Mavica does. I don't know how long it will last, but if yer up early, look to the west and say Hullo to the moon!

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