Thursday, January 18, 2007

how about a cuppa?

my first cuppa

Thankfully, it is not as cold this morning as it has been and I am no longer feeling all sickish and cold-like. Whoo-hoo! Perhaps today will be more productive than yesterday. Though, I have to admit that I was decently productive. I listed new items in the shop and sold all but one of the lurve monkey sets. I baked up a batch o' gingerbread and stitched up half of my Lurve Monkey Dollies. I also watched War Games. That was fun! Today I need to open up the giant garbage can full of fiberfill and hope that I don't get swallowed by the massive snake of fluff as it is wont to creep out quite suddenly and then I am unable to cram it all back in to get the lid back on. I will then stuff the remaining dollies, take pictures and list them in the shop. I will also hit the post office and mail off goodies and I will retrun videos to the library, stich up another birthday crown and clean off at least one surface is an attainable goal. I hope.

This morning for breakfast I delighted in a cinnamon coffee and a slice of confetti-d gingerbread. What did you delight in?


  1. Peanut butter on toast!

    Jek, are you making the cocoa bunnies again for Easter this year?

  2. i thin i will be makin something similar. i still have a few bunnies from last year...mmmm...peanut butter!

  3. peanut butter and jelly followed by one of those damning cinnamon dolce lattes from Starcrack.

  4. cinnamon dolce lattes does indeed sound damning. good thing i'm broke and cheap...i make my own coffeee fun...widh i had a steamer though...