Friday, January 12, 2007

friday, thank mawd

I cleaned off my kitchen table, I did, I swear it, but somehow magazines, colored pasta, cardboard suitcases, ribbon and mail moved in...sheesh! Every surface in this tiny home is covered with stuff. My stuff to be more precise. Mr. A-go-go is an organized person who does not acquire stuff and when he does he throws something else out and has a place especially for whatever it is he has acquired. He is an organized person, a linear thinker. Me? I'm all over the place both in my organization and my thinking. We can be driving in the car listenin' to the radio and the program could be Car Talk and somehow it will remind me of the man in the orange shoes I saw smoking a pipe by the bus stop. I can also hold four conversations at once, work on three zillion projects, write in three blogs, bake a batch of banana bread, hit the grocery store and do two loads of laundry all in the course of three hours. The husbandman will garden. It calms him. Pulling weeds and whacking off grasshoppers keeps his stress level low. I have a feeling that walking in the casa raises it. So I try. I try to clean. Sometimes it is in tiny bits and when I do, I make sure to point it out, thinking the clean table will gloss over all the other piles here and there and everywhere. If I don't manage to clear off one surface for the day, I do manage to make dinner and a batch of gingerbread. Gingerbread is his favorite. I'm sneaky like that.

Don't forget to check out scrumdilly-do! for some soupy fun and stay tuned for Monday when I celebrate Hat Day!


  1. HA! Felt like I was reading about me. Except I don't bake...(I light candles, does that count?).

  2. Hi Jek! I guess I lost CSORama again...March maybe. I hope so. It's hard to remember to get there on Flickr at the right days.
    I think I am like your Mr...a go go. It irritates me if the house is a mess. Makes me nervous. But I take forever to clean up everything. Cleaning here never ends. of the house here loves gardening too. See you!