Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a not so crafty day

But I did find Pretty in Pink at he library! Hooray for free movies!
bday crown: quilty
I officially, finally have a full blown cold. It has been an almost cold for months now but today, it has announced itself. I feel ick and I feel blah and all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch chick flicks but I really need to work on my Valentine's Day goodies for the etsy shop. Bah! Do you think you folks would purchase an 8 pack of gocco'd valentines that are printed on postcard sized cardstock with no printing on the back? I had wanted to gocco the back with a postcard template so you folks could mail the cards that way but my local shop is out of screens and the screen that was supposed to be for the back ended up going to the dollie as the first dollie screen only fused half the image...double drats! I had wanted to get everything in the shop on Saturday but what we want and what we do doesn't always meet up..

Mr. A-go-go & I went to a 3 year old's birthday this past weekend. There was a bouncy house but not much bouncing done by me as it was a freezing cold day and I couldn't muster up the energy to remove my shoes and freeze my toes off. You may roll yer eyes and think oh sure, the girl who lives in the land of sunshine is all whiny about the cold but I'm tellin' ya, it was so cold we lost a bunch of our sage to ice...the plants exploded at their bases and there was ice cold freezing icey ice just hanging out...there was even frost all over the bacopa which sadly also died as did our snap peas. Oddly enough, the lettuce is fine. Who knows? anywhoo, we made the birthday boy a quilty birthday crown featuring his favorite color, pink and then whipped up a mix cd of songs inspired by the color. Cotton Candy by The Sylvers and Fat Bottomed Girls (heehee) by Queen were featured. We love a pink mix, we do indeed! Has anyone out there found any Valentine's Day candy? I've been looking left & right and can only find the valentine card and candy packs and what I want are gumdrops, m&ms, red hots, etc...good old Target has let me down...pooh!

Time now for some tea and some girlie flicks...have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Wal-mart!! Girlie, Wal-mart!! They have tons of candy!! If you can't find it at your wal-mart give me a jingle!! I'll look here at the walmart in Riverside and send to you!! I am so sorry to hear that you now have a nasty cold. Yuck! I have lost alot for my plants also to the wonderful freezing weather!! I now have to redo my front flowerbed. Oh darn!! LOL happy Valentine's day candy Shopping!!

  2. Oh i just had to add, I love Pretty In Pink!! That is my all time favorite movie!!

  3. i broke down and went to wal-mart which i vowed i wouldnt; do and nothing...they had nothing! grrr...:)