Friday, February 05, 2010

ten garlands in ten days: two {plus giveaway}

for this garland i used a little of this and a little of that. it's pretty easy when you keep the supplies to a minimum. here's what i used:

*two types of vitnage lace
*1 color fun ribbon
*a wad of pattern tissue paper
*glue stick
*white glue
*baking twine

first thing i did was snip, snip, snip away at a length of lace. i used the pattern tissue underneath just for kicks.

next up, add another layer of lace.

then some ribbon snips.

dab it all together with a little glue and anchor your pieces to the pattern tissue.

once dry, cut out your flags and admire.

flip them over right side down and lay your length of twine atop. draw on top of the twine with a glue stick, fold over edge of tissue and repeat till all yer happy little flappy-flags are anchored. leave a tail at the ends or loop your ends so they will have a way of hanging in a happy place. no measuring needed, just make it up as you go and have fun!

**this happy little banner is up for grabs. if you would like it for your own, leave a comment here and one lucky duck can expect a visitor from the garland fairy. happy friday!


  1. This is so pretty! I love the idea of making garlands! Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

  2. you are SO talented! Thank you for the chance to win it - I would SO be hanging that in the living room!

  3. Too CUTE. I hope the garland fairy visits me for sure. OH, by the way I'm having a giveaway right now to. I think you'll like it. So let's here it for reciprocity (one of my favorite words).

  4. Very clever use of materials!

  5. such a simple and beautiful garland. i think its absolutly perfect for an upcoming spring.
    love it


  6. Love, Love, Love the garland! Can we see the other garlands too? I bet they are as wonderful as this one. Yes, I would love to win this one for my sweetie, Art. Sues

  7. very pretty.. and inexpensive to make!! pls include me in your giveaway :-)


  8. Hellooo... first, I heart you and your boundless creativity. Second, you're lovely bedroom insprired me to perk up my own boudoir. I just blogged all about it and I gave you props.

    xoxo - jenn