Sunday, February 07, 2010

yesterday: feb 6

*there was rain.

*a lot of it.

*we walked to the library and picked up holds, a couple of flicks and tested the wifi on the laptop.

*i made another garland while mister worked on blog posts.
*there was falafel for lunch, charlie chaplin to watch and a witch-baby on someone's lap at a moment's notice. it was cold.

*taxes were started. cookies were baked. soup was made.
*fun mail arrived.

*there were bits and fits of making and creating. there were discussions (and arguments) and hot tea. lots of hot tea. and cocoa. voices from far away were heard and plans were made for indian brunch that i almost completely forgot about. good stuff. the kind of day that can make your heart feel peaceful (even the part where you cry during the really good movie).


  1. Love your blog...have not visited for a while so must go get caught up. Rain rain rain here today too.

  2. Absolutely sounds like my kind of day!

  3. Oh My God - you have nasturtiums. Oh yeah, California. Still. Envious. It will be MONTHS before I will see them here.