Wednesday, February 24, 2010

birthday recap

okay, while there was a tiny wee bit of disappointment in regards to something i was anticipating, i still thoroughly enjoyed my day. it must have been all that facebook love, the songs on my answering machine and my birthday company. here's a recap in pictures...

there was some thrifting. good thrifting.

there was pie. good pie.

there was a birthday crown and coffee with whipped cream.

there were cards.

and homemade presents. love!

there were girl scout cookies...

and sweets and fun candles.

there even was some crafting, dishwashing, sweeping and list making.

the evening ended with thai food and Lost. not a bad day. not bad at all.

oh, and while i did find my birthday glasses just in time, i totally forgot to take my birthday picture in them so this shot goes out to roomie whose birthday is today! happy birthday roomie!


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Pie? Crown? Homemade Pressies? AND Girl Scout Cookies? That sounds like the best party ever! Happy happy! ps. adore the twirly candles

  2. pre expectations of your birthday celebration can be crazy sad. i've done that to myself on some past birthdays and on other special events. reality never compares to the magnificient movie in your mind.
    so here to help prolong your birthday because i'm all about stretching my special day into a week. i have comprised, in honor of your 39 years, a list of 39 things i like about you.
    1. i like your creative and sometimes sassy blog
    2. i like your yummy food you make creations you share with your readers
    3. i like how you call mr. a-go-go the "mister"
    4. i like your retro glasses
    5. i like orange too
    6. i like your yellow doc martins
    7. i like that you share your creativeness with youngsters
    8. i like that you are adventurous
    9. i like how you jump for pictures
    10.i like that you go thrifting (i was raised in thrift stores and my mom(88yrs young) and i still go
    11.i like the way you say love
    12.i like the photographs you take(what kind of camera is that)?
    13.i like your mind and everything you create from that brain of yours
    14.i like the books you recommend
    half way thru(almost)
    15.i like your kitty's name
    16.i think you have great hair
    17.i like your wild socks
    18.i like that you make me feel younger than i am
    19.i like your "make a bed" of the month (such a great idea)
    20.i like that you are thoughtful
    21.i like that you are the real deal
    22.i like that you don't hold back sharing some rather raw emotions
    23.i like your kitschy collections
    24.i like the sock monkeys you make
    25.i like how you recap the week in photos
    26.i like how you are helping me to get my creative mojo back
    27.i like your red lip stick
    28.i like that you like doris day, me too,music and movies alike
    29.i like you grow your own vegies(im a vegetarian)
    30.i like your cleverness(did i already say that one)
    31.i like that you are thrifty
    32.i like that you are dorkie
    33.i like that you play the uke
    34.i like that you are a hoot
    35.i like that you are a sponge that has soaked up so much and that you share it
    36.i like that i feel like i know you but i really don't
    37.i like your imagination
    38.i like your file cabinets painted with skulls
    39.last but not least, i like you.

  3. sounds like a blast! love birthday pie. love it.

  4. Happy Birthday Fun-Quirky-Creative- Talented-Fab-Fotographer-Scrum-Dilly-Dilly-Girl!! I love visiting her with you. You make ME happy and it is NOT my birthday!

  5. well said Geri...what a great gift!