Sunday, February 07, 2010

ten garlands in ten days: four {the netflix edition}

i do not hide the fact that i come from a zillion generations of packrats. this being so, it should not be a surprise that i do not always throw away things that probably should be thrown away...or at the very least, recycled. which brings me to today's garland...

that's right folks. i used my netflix papers. it's great how you send back the very envie that is sent to you but you still have a small sheet of red paper to contend with. and since i had a nice neat stack of the darn things i decided i should DO something with them. so here is what you need plus a couple of drinking straws.

prep your hanger buy joining two straws together. you just pinch the end of one and slide it into the other.then, use a small pair of scissors to nick the top part of your straws at semi-equal intervals.

cut a length of string or baker's twine and loop one end through the little slits you just made. no knotting or glue is necessary for this part.

punch out your shapes with your decorative punches or go ahead and rock your freestyle heart cuttin' skills. arrange your backs along your hanging strings and slather with glue stick.

add the top layer so that the string/twine is now sandwiched between two shapes. continue until you run out of room or shapes.

hang and admire...or maybe go brew some tea and watch that flick you just got!


  1. I thought about doing this exact thing just yesterday, when I saw a pile of netflix envelopes! :)

  2. oh! you should TOTALLY make one! yay!

  3. Very cute!

    Just wondering if you have a recommended spot for getting bakers twine??

    I've been seeing it a lot lately and have a couple... well lots... of uses for it!


  4. i've had mine for three or so years...cannot for the life of me remember where i got it. you can try this place though...

  5. Another great idea--too bad I threw a few of these Netflix papers in the recycling bin--maybe I can go rescue them!