Saturday, February 06, 2010

ten garlands in ten days: three

here are your suspects.

all you need to do for this one is use your hole punch to punch out the letters you want to spell.

tape off the end of your yarn so that it is easier to thread through your holes. this is a great lacing project for kidlets as well!

starting at one end of your "letter", lace your yarn through the holes doubling back once you reach the end so that you have a "stitched" appearance.

tie of your ends in the back.
punch two holes at the top and weave a length of contrasting ribbon through the whole shebang.

hang and admire. that's it! a nifty garland in about ten minutes!

**for kidlets, have them punch holes all over the index cards and let them weave what they will. you can hand them a length of yarn about 18" to start and tape the end of it to the back of the card so they know when there is no more yarn to lace. let them begin by freeform lacing. once they get the hang of it, ask if they can make pictures, patterns or letters. using regular sized index cards keeps the project small and simple. you can even toss a mini lacing kit into your bag so they have something to do when you are out and about. instant craftiness!


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    this is beautiful, Jessica.

    Offtopic: i just read your Fabric Corkboard Mosaic post -- genius. i'm going to ikea tomorrow to get some of those cork trivets.


  2. I love this one! So crafty and fun...and simple!

  3. So jealous!

    I'm moving to CA.

    I live in PA and I look out my window and see white and brown. Snow.. and dirty snow.

    Your stanidng, surrounded by green. You're one lucky gal.