Sunday, November 17, 2013

sweet november: layered

The weather is finally cool enough for tights and socks and boots. This look here, is kind of my signature style and I have not really jumped back into it for awhile as I seem to be in frumpy-mode. But I'm trying, I am. We went to a pumpkin potluck today and I decided to festive myself up. The boots I had just received and was sad to discover that they were not actually the kelly green they appeared to be in the purchase photo. They were a non-returnable order from Zulily and I have to say that good old Zulily has some awesome customer service. I had contacted them to let them know that the boots were not even close to the green they appeared to be in their photo and that I was bummed out and they responded within 24 hours and gave me shop credit. Color me impressed. These boots here are not even as green as my photo shows but they are a bit on the minty side. So this is me in my layered leg look and I think that I may need to get back into it. After all, I do seem to have a thing for socks....and tights...and!


  1. I think the boots are pretty amazing. Wish Zulily would let me see more without giving them my info beforehand - but hey, it's keeping me from temptation :)

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    You pull it off well.