Friday, November 15, 2013

sweet november: leaves

We have a lovely non-fruiting grapevine on the back patio here at the homestead. It curls around and around our shaded table peeking in and out of the metal fencing that arches over the tabletop and bench seats. It's what we use to track the seasons as it betrays the weather much better than any temperatures tell us.
While the week's forecast shouts out temps in the Hi 70s and we groan and groan because it is November and we could really use a break from this six month long summer already, the leaves on the grapevine begin to change. First the bright green dulls to dark then spots appear in a deep bergundy that spreads across the entire leaf blushing blushing away. The deep bergundy fades to coral and then yellow and then the wind takes advantage of them and carries them away in a dance of swirls and twirls.
So while it has been hot like summer during the day, the dark brings a chill that tickles those leaves so that they show all their colors. And with the variety of leaf sizes I thought I would also take advantage of the show.
To make this garland you will need 4-6 leaves in various sizes, a stapler, needle and embroidery thread. Layer your leaves according to size and color with the largest leaf on the bottom. Use a stapler to anchor them all together.
To cover up the staple mark, top the whole bit of frilly pretty with an even smaller leaf and lace along a length of embroidery thread.
Continue until you have a happy leaf party and hang in cheery space. If you have the time preserve the leaves in glycerin first so that they last and don't give off any allergy inducing fungi. This may make an appearance for the November bed photo but it won't remain up as this bit of pretty has not been treated and is full of all sorts of allergy inducing ick for me. But boy, isn't it pretty?


  1. those are pretty J, I could see those being used as a big garland for a Fall wedding!

  2. Prettiest way to string up leaf garland! I love that you combined a bunch - almost looks like a flower from far away. Love it:)