Thursday, November 28, 2013

sweet november: family

This year's dinner was so much better than last year but last year was fantastic in that we spent time together hiking ourselves silly all over Sequoia National Park. An auntie a-go-go put together a feast and we hopped into Eleanor for the short sprint on a favorite road to hang out with some of the mister's family. No drama just good company and eats and pie but of course. I brought my instax to document the evening and since I am a natural light snob I won't have a photo of the photos until tomorrow. Tomorrow will be spent at home eking out a smidge of chaos in the scary room, making pom-poms, cooking pancakes, and putting together next week's lesson plan for the kiddos. If any shopping needs to be done it will be for mini gingerbread men (and not any black friday deals) as next week is all about the Gingerbread Baby.

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