Wednesday, November 06, 2013

sweet november: sky view

I'm a big fan of the sky. Night sky, day sky, clear sky, cloudy sky...I pretty much love them all though I'm not a big fan of tornado sky...that just freaks me out. My favorite is a sunrise, sunset, or cloud filled sky. The kind of clouds that make you want to glue cotton balls to a piece of blue construction paper. That's my favorite kind of sky. On the BIG road trip, I just about swooned over Wyoming's sky. A big sky is a beautiful thing. However, be it big or small, I love the sky I really do. Often I feel overwhelmed with the magnificence of it all and it brings tears to my eyes and catches my throat and I laugh and sob in the same breath.

This sky here, is today's sky. An Eighty degree Autumn sky with whispers of clouds hush hushing across that gorgeous blue. I took this picture from the parking lot of my work. I walked across the lot to stand under this pistachio tree and I tilted my head back, back, back and brought my camera to my eye and snapped, snapped, snapped away as parents buckled their kiddos into backseats, and staff kiddos worked out the rules for today's game of Zombies and Aliens. As all this was going on around me, as co-workers packed up their rooms for the day, I lowered the camera and stood there with my head tilted back, back, back and smiled as I stared at that gorgeous blue sky.

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