Wednesday, November 27, 2013

diy a quick and easy centerpiece

I had this idea for a string art pumpkin back when we lived in L.A. but I never got to it. I almost did not get to it this year either but today I got the crafty bug and got to it! All you need is a pumpkin, dressmaker pins, and embroidery floss.
My wee white pumpkins have since yellowed in our warm, warm autumn. To create your base for design, push a pin into your pumpkin and continue until you are ready for string. I really like the way they look without string too so left one of them all pin happy. Knot one end of floss to a pin and get to wrapping. Tie off at end and trim. Make sure not to push your pins all the way into the pumpkin as you will need some wiggle room for your floss. If your pumpkin has super firm flesh, make sure to have a pair of pliers nearby to remove pins if you need to fix your design.

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