Sunday, November 03, 2013

sweet november: dessert

Today's word is dessert. Dessert. I have to admit that while I probably have the largest sweet-tooth on the planet. I am not really a dessert girl...unless it's for breakfast, think scones, coffee cake, pie. At least, when I think of the word dessert, I tend to imagine some sort of baked alaska or creme brulee (good golly do I LOVE creme brulee) when the reality is, at home, when the mister reaches for the ice cream some time after dinner, I am usually pouring a bowl of Marshmallow Mateys instead. See? Breakfast...ish.
As it stands, I have not been to the grocery store in a while and I have not had a decent bowl of cereal in a few weeks (I'm trying to kick my cereal habit). I was thinking of baking pumpkin donuts for today or making an icebox cake (I've had an idea for an ice box cake since last year that I have yet to do) but I was feeling utterly defeated by an early morning asthma attack and we had no whipped cream. What we did have was a box of brownie mix and some peanut butter chips.
But brownies on their own are hardly worthy of a dessert crown so I baked 'em up in a pie pan and then popped the rest of the batter into two small ramekins and a pilfered pyrex storage container. I like my brownies a little less gooey than is the norm so I usually make 'em a little longer. The pie pan baked up in about 28 minutes but the ramekins took longer (about 40) as they were deep dish. I know this because I dipped a spoon in for a photograph and eked when I saw the goo!
So next time you want to serve a fancy dessert why not make it brownies? A wedge of brownie dusted with powdered sugar or a dollop of barely sweetened whipped cream would pack a punch as would individual deep dish servings served up in pretty white ramekins. I got mine from Target.

****Hello November and thanks for joining us! It's officially a photo-a-day challenge (with words if you like but not necessary, I just tend toward wordiness). Click here to see the photo list and here to see Tara's photos.  Hopefully you'll be inspired to play along with us, and at the end of the month we'll have weeks worth of fun photos to share with each other! Think of it as a guided way to get all NaBloPoMo  on yer blog.  Leave a comment and share your sweet november photos.****

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