Saturday, November 16, 2013

sweet november: comfort**

Yikes, I almost forgot! Today's word is comfort and while I wish I could re-use my tea photos as a hot cuppa is always comforting I'm going to go with the bed. Good golly do I love my bed. The headboard was made by my brother and I have had it for thirteen years. I absolutely love the uniqueness of it, add a happy pile of vintage linens and a girl just might lounge about all day!
I have not managed to keep up with my making the bed posts. While the bed does get made and the linens changed, I just have not had much time to stage and photograph all the happy not to mention how there is still a box of linens out in the garage that needs to be laundered. I did do the october bed...but I am not sure I posted it...oh and there was a september bed as well...

**well there goes that. Today's word was warm, not comfort, I don't know where my brain is lately.  This post might change if I can get to warm tomorrow...


  1. your beds! oh how I love your beds! xx

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Warm and comfort go hand-in-hand in my book so comfort works for me!

  3. It's official. I'm obsessed with your bed posts. I discovered your blog on Pinterest, (skip this if you've read it before, I've tried commenting on a previous post, but Blogger seems to hate me) but I was inspired by your bed to create some pillowcases and blog about them a few weeks ago, and following the Pinterest links this evening, I have spent the last few hours reading my way back through your blog. I LOVE IT!!!!

    1. Hi Alexandra! You're nice! Reminds me to get back into the bed posts. I have been so lax and uncreative. I miss it! I'm gonna go look for your pillowcases, cheers!