Monday, March 12, 2007

The Week in Review: March 5-March 11

I'm not exactly sure if it was a busy week or not. I'm getting into my new school schedule which is completely different than the last two years. Yikes! I'm kinda all over the place! We've paired down and sold the Husbandman's car so have switched around a few other things but all is working out fine. Other than school I crafted a bit and got to visit with out of town friends. Mr. A-go-go got sick so the weekend was spent puttering about the casa. We wonked up a "birdbath" in the garden using a plastic plate and some wire. I hope the birdies get a kick out of it. The garden is starting to grow some more green and the part that cracks me up most is the rogue lettuce growing like a weed in all kinds of funky places. It is growing much better than the stuff we planted! Have you ever seen a seeded lettuce? The seeds look like dandelion fluff! No wonder the stuff is everywhere!

Oh, I almost forget! Other than crafting, schooling & visiting we headed out to Hollywood Blvd on Friday to cheer on Mr. Rodney Bingenheimer as he received his star on the walk of fame. Oodles of rockers and icons were there! Th Donnas & The Bangles and Richard Blade of course. I would have gotten better pictures if not for all the darn tourist snap snap snapping away...they didn't even know who he was! Grrr! Rodney & I go way back! Twenty-one years in fact when he decided to try and court me. And yes, I was very young and yes, it was creepy but it was Rodney and I adore him! I am glad he got his star, it's about time! So many other Hollywood celebs get stars without ever being true people of Hollywood or Hollywierd as Rodney would say. Rodney is such an icon of the Hollywood music scene. Check out Mayor of the Sunset Strip if ya like. It paints him in quite a sad sad picture and I think they could have done a much better job.


  1. Hey... i just happened to see your stuff on the flickr. I love you color and cute little things. Keep creating! You are good!

  2. yipee for rodney! i love him so much and i'm so glad he's finally getting some much deserved recognition!
    good for you for going down there to cheer him on.

  3. Thnak you mushroomgarden and yes, yippee for Rodney! I am so pleased he finally got his star! Yay!