Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm in a cooking kind of mood...

Or rather I WANT to be in a cooking kind of mood...

I've been working on an essay for class that we are supposed to actually write IN class but I want to be prepared, ya know? So, instead of actually doing what I should be doing, I'm dreaming of eating lovely things and it being the day after Johnny Appleseed Day I thought apples would be a good theme. In fact, I think I am going to bake some apple cupcakes. Doesn't that sound lovely? Oooh, I wish I had an apple corer. I have an awesome thing I make. Or, rather adapt. My brother makes this amazing spicey candied pecan salad with green apples, dried cherries & red onion. I once had too much of the other stuff and no lettuce so I made a yummy stuffed apple and I will write down what I did and encourage you to TRY THIS! It is extra special yummy!

What you need:

*crisp Granny Smith apples
*chopped red onion
*stinky stilton cheese
*spiced candies pecans
**i sautee mine in butter with 1/4 c sugar and a lotta sprinkles of cayenne!

Mix all but the apples in a small bowl. Core your apples and stuff them with the yumminess. Slice and enjoy with a slice of crusty bread some minted fizz water. Exquisite!

Okay, back to writing and some baking! Happy Tuesday!

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