Thursday, March 15, 2007

We jump for fun!

happy anniversary!

My apologies for the lateness of the sharing. Here is our third jump! Whoo-hoo! Sadly as evidenced by the wonkiness of the picture the camera is really and truly petering out. The batteries ar not holding their charge and the discs are malfunctioning more than ever. I may just have to settle of a less expensive camera. Unless of course you all go buy a bunny or something...

So, after a laughable epsisode and mini pity party I think I have really figured out what it is I want to do. Grown-up, lifewise. I'm not sure about the hows and I really need to figure out how to do away with the distractions but I want to try my hand at this idea I've been kicking around for a couple of years now. It will be part crafty, part scrumdilly-do and part shop. I think it is time for the super list. I'll let you know more about it when I figure it out. I think all this technical internet and computer stuff is holding me back. I'm clueless about how to obtain a site and domain blahblahblah. Any ideas, hints and encouragment will be more than welcome. I can trade lavender shortbread for help...anyone?

Today I will craft and clean and visit. Hope your day is just swell!


  1. Send me a message and I can possibly help you out...
    Good Luck. Cool jump!

  2. Jek that's so exciting! Keep us up to date!

  3. I love your jumping tradition. What an incredible scrapbook that will make in the years to come.

    Do you ever reformat your photo discs? If you don't they will get gunked up.

    I'm curious to now more about what you want to do with yourself. I bet it's fantabulous.