Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A wee peek at my busy-ness

I am such an unorganized crafter. There a bits and pieces of projects and piles all over the casa. Pictured above is a sneeky peek for a 5 things swap. Not so sneaky really but I din;t want to show the finished product. Did I tell you all that Mr.A-go-go took over the quilt project? I had been planning on making a quilt for the bed for two years now and had collected all the fabric but didn't have enough confidence to cut. One day he asked if he could start on it because he was going stir crazy and needed a project and I said sure thinking how cool because he cuts straight! Next thing I know he starts asking me technical questions I couldn't answer and then he measures the area of the fabric AND the finished product and tells me we have more than we need and I'm thinking just start cutting and sewing patchworky like no pattern...he doesn't work that way. He felt bad for taking it over. It is almost done and super cool! We're making a quilted duvet cover. It can be both a summer light weight quilt AND a heavier quilt if we stuff a comforter inside. He asked me if I was sure I didn't mind him taking it over and I replied "How many other people can say their husbands made the quilt?" I still think he is just the swellest guy ever! time to make some more projects and maybe bake something sweet. It is raining outside!

Happy tuesday folks!


  1. That is so super-neat that your hubby sews!

  2. and he does so better than I!