Friday, March 23, 2007

friday's flickr fix

Photobooth friday will return next week when I can wake myself up enough to hunt down a good strip! For now, check out the new flickr group called Friday's Flickr Fix. I love a challenge so here's my first duet:

What do ya think? Eyecandyforthebrokenhearted has the best people shots. So fun and colorful and quirky and you just can't go wrong with Animal, right? Are there any scrumdillydilly readers out there who are semi local to Los Angeles and would be interested in a crafty tea? I'm thinking of hosting something like this but on a smaller scale. Drop me a line if you are interested (you can find me at gmail, same as my shop name). I'm thinking the end of May. Okee doke, time for more crafting and dinner prep. I made an awesomely awesome lavender "pound" cake yesterday that sadly is almost gone. The best part is there is less than a stick of butter and only two eggs! You can't beat that! Whoo-hoo! I'll post a picture or two later. Ciao!


  1. hey J, did you ever organise the afternoon tea? if so can you link me to the post you wrote about it on? We have just had blogmeet #2 and I want to do something different! love to know your thoughts

  2. not yet! it is tentatively set for the end of July and I'm still aplannin'! I'll let ya know when I am more organized but feel free to ask me any questions about hwat I'm thinking of doing...;)