Friday, March 23, 2007

Of cherry trees and blanket faces...

cherry trees: cascading down

I woke up later than usual today and can't shake the grogginess from my eyes. Add that to the blanket face and stuffy nose and I'm a beauty queen. Oy. My girlie test came back unremarkable. Excuse me? It's a good thing but I kept wanting to laugh and tell the doc that actually I am QUITE remarkable but you know how it goes when you're at the girlie doc. Well, actually I do tend to laugh and crack jokes which was much appreciated by my previous doc, this one however has a bedside manner that does not match mine. sigh. I hate looking for new doctors. I also hate feeling intimidated and stupid but that is my problem, not the docs, right?

This picture was taken at Lake Balboa in Van Nuys, California. The cherry trees are abundant and so so so pretty. If we had been able to make it the week before it would have been even more stunning since the blooms are already dropping. We took the bikes for a spin and then sat on a bench like old people watching the ducks, coots and grackles. I then proceeded to take a zillion pictures.Click on the icture to see the rest. It was so pretty. Can you see that there are blossoms cascading down from the sky in the picture? Isn't it pretty? There were goldfinches in the trees mucnhing away and the blossoms were blowing all about. These particular blossoms were gifted from Mr.A-go-go as I lay down on the dmap grass calling out "okay, go!" and he would dump a pile of blossoms over was windy so they would go everywhere. Pretty still, I think.

This week was a weird week for me. I couldn't find the groove to do anything productive. I'm going to blame it on the stupid time change. It is just too dark in the morning and my circadian rythyms want me to stay asleep. I did manage to package up all the sales from this weeks shop stuff...YAY...and I even whipped up some more apple cozies. So I guess I shouldn't be too down on myself. Today is more crafting, library visiting, homework and laundry. Perhaps a little marketing thrown in. Stay tuned for Photobooth Friday. Like I said, I'm a blanket faced groggy gal. I need to wake up still.