Monday, September 19, 2011

dilly it up: spool garland

When the ander-boy turned ten and decided to have a  Mad Tea Party, I knew I had to make something if only to get my craft on and be a part of the fun without actually being there since I couldn't get down for a visit. In my head I wanted to create stunningly gorgeous garlands using vintage spools and other pretty bobbs but the reality was that I did not have enough vintage spools and it was a party for ten-year-olds who would probably more enjoy a healthy dose of color!
More than a year ago, I purchased a bag of thread from the magic thrift for the happy handful of wooden spools that lurked about the bottom of the bag. The remaining thread went into my thread drawers ready to be used up. Sadly, most of it was old and kept snapping in my machine so I felt not a stitch of guilt stringing them up for this happy bit of love.
Bright golden yellow yarn was used for the stringing and tiny dollar store spools popped in for variety. To balance it all out, in between spools, I glue-sticked on happy punched circles. These helped keep the spools in place and added a bit more liveliness to the whole deal. After looping up the ends, the garlands were ready to be mailed off. But how?
Thank goodness for my pack-rat tendencies and a penchant for keeping egg cartons. The spools nestled nicely, each in their own cup while the yarn bits were tucked away on top with no worries for tangling. They arrived just in time and added a happy dose of color to the outdoor festivities. I'm still bummed I wasn't able to be there but at least I was in spirit, right?

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