Saturday, September 03, 2011

the real taste of summer

Last year, at the farmer's market, we happened upon an old pick up truck chock full of watermelon. We're talking the REAL deal folks. Oblong melons with stripes of green. Rattlesnake melons full of striped seeds. Melons that poppity-pop open the moment you poke a blade into them. You may believe that you have been eating watermelon every summer but you truly haven't until you've had one of these. The memory of your childhood zooms into focus so quickly you wonder how you managed to choke down all those seedless imposters. These green beauties are heaven. The awesome guy that grows them, calls them dry-farmed watermelons. I have an inkling of what that means but couldn't explain it all and really, he's such a melon rock-star that I get all mumbly and star-struck trying to chat with him. I'm a serious dork and these melons are seriously the most amazing fruit I have tasted. Last week was his first week at the market and I spied his truck at the same time as another market wanderer and we ran up to him, arms a flapping, hands a-clapping and voices singing out 

"You're back! You're back! Yay, you're back!" 

as we fell towards each other, two complete strangers, clutching at each other, jumping up and down and giggling so joyfully the memory is kind of enough to snap me out of my rotten mood. Yes, they are THAT good!


  1. An excellent watermelon is one of the best things in life! Last year we grew one on a volunteer vine. I saved the seeds and this year we have 7 more ripening in the front yard. Ahhhh summer!

  2. Sarah! I remember when yer melon started. So, it was delicious? I hope so! I'm saving seeds to see if we can grow one of these puppies!