Thursday, September 22, 2011

yesterday was a wednesday

I have to keep reminding myself which days are which. This whole sick thing put me in a fog of forgetfulness. I like to think it was my first cold of the kiddo season and that I survived. Here's knocking the lucky knock that this will be the worst of it (no jinxes, no whammies...STOP!)

Yesterday was my first day back at work since last week. It was a whirlwind of busy, sobbing kiddos, and sweet observations. I splurged on a massive coke and didn't feel one ounce of bad slurping it all up. It was hot, I still have a cough and man do I love the fizz.
 Yesterday, I was bound and determined to look the part of a grown up at work. I'm still one wonky mess of a raccoon inside (I think I always will be) but I did my best. I slapped two loops of masking tape onto my brassier in an attempt to wrangle the neckline of my scooped neck top into place. Either I am shrinking the smidgiest of smidges or my top is far too old and stretched out for this wannabe grown-up to be wearing. As for the tape, it kinda sorta worked. If you saw me, you may have thought otherwise but after I removed the loops of tack I was a walking peepshow of the brassier-kind.
At home I fell into the rabbit hole that is the internet but did manage to whip up a dandy dinner salad. Mister and I did a quick run to the homestead to gather up fragrant herbs and the shelf dealie he just finished. I grabbed the instax in anticipation of the awesome dodgey-old Winnebago parked on one of the streets in between. It was perfect. The magic hour had it, the Winnebago was there with no other cars parked anywhere near it. Perfect! I parked half a block away and walkity walked to the beast, made a hullabaloo of myself, squatting in the street to get my shot only to find my camera out of film. Aack! Good thing I brought the rebelRebel, but shucks, it would make for an awesome instant photo. When mister asked how I could not have noticed I was out of film I reminded him that this was my second Instax** since my first one simply up and keeled over for no reason. In an effort to not waste film, I transferred the film pack from camera one to camera two which resets the picture count. Foiled!

Since the mister and I have both succumbed to the sick, there have been some crank moments. Crankier than usual which can be amusing after the fact but during? Not so much. We've been a bit ssquawkie with each other. Squawkity-squawk, squawk. It doesn't last but it sure makes you want the sick to leave already. To alleviate the squawk-squawkiness, I returned to the homestead to hunt out fabric for a project I need to do today and lingered about enjoying a chatter with the ladies of the homestead. I also may have stayed to watch AMNT but maybe not (cough, cough).
So that, my friends, was yesterday in a nutshell. Thrilling, no? Today I have already mopped most of the moppable floor in the tiny casa, cleared off the table for today's project, made the bed and organized the massive heap of clothing that is still in need of drawers to settle in and I did it all before 9:30.  Now, it is time for tea.

** What is up with this Instax Wide business? The wide camera has been out for quite sometime under a different name. Sure, it was less stylish and all mickey-mouse looking but the wide format is hardly new. I got my first Instax for $45 new WITH film and now they're twice as much? Phooey!

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  1. Too bad you're sick. :( But what a cute Winnebago!