Monday, September 26, 2011

yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Yesterday was spent merchandising the window at job-o number two. I even picked up a face mask in anticipation of all the dusty-dust. Mister thought one with an outtake valve would work and it did. I must have looked a sight. There was one slight casualty, my jeans caught on an antique trunk and tore in an almost perfect square just below my knee on my right leg. Figures this happens to my only jeans that fit somewhat. Super drats! I frankensteined them up with a handful of safety-pins. I'm rocking the new not-punk look. Hee-hee.

I didn't quite get the window finished as the dust was attacking and the heat was cooking me up in that big glass box. I had explicit instructions and so I followed them, it looks pretty good. If I had a budget and more free-range I could have dazzled the heck out of it but I don't so I made do with what we had on hand. My lungs are still recovering but I'm keeping hydrated...ooof!

Today I tackled more boxes and felt completely defeated by my stuff. Too much stuff. most of it is for crafting but I felt just about done in. Do you ever feel done in by your craft supplies? I do not have a craft space for it all so who knows how I am going to organize it. After too many hours of defeat, I threw myself on our second-hand sofa and succumbed to a library book and candy corn.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at job-o number one and so I will turn it into an errand sort of day. A return here, a hunt there and maybe a new (used) pair of jeans. Last night I had a HUGE list in my head of all the things I want/need to do and now of course, I have forgotten it all. If I can think of it, I will create that magic list...tomorrow.


  1. I often feel a bit overwhelmed by all the crafting supplies. You should see the yarn-monster living in my closet! XD

  2. I saw the cutest way to patch jeans in a hand sewing book recently. (Spacing on the name, very recently published book on hand sewing with a stack of little pillows that are actually rice bags on the cover.) Anyway they put various cotton prints under the holes and stitched around them (sort of a reverse applique kind of thing) and it was darling.

  3. Your pants look in need of a fun patch.

    I am often overwhelmed by my stuff. Every time I cull down and get the sewing room to a reasonable state someone will gift me a boatload of stuff. This week it was boxes and bags of wool roving to spin. Good stuff. I guess I shouldn't complain. I just spend a lot of time moving things around and searching for things.

  4. it's that whole "I may use this SOMEDAY" syndrome. sigh. Greebly, I think I have that book and I too am blanking on the title. hee-hee!

  5. I just purged my art space last weekend. I use the word "purged" very lightly. It was so hard to get rid of stuff. Just like you said jek---"I may need this someday!" I don't know how to let go. *sigh*