Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's only tuesday?

Just got back from a quickie trip to L.A. to see Neko Case at the Hollywood bowl with the my buddy Megan of radmegan. It was super short, far too short really but I had a blast and am so, so, so happy I conquered my long distance driving fear and hit the road. Megan, yer the sweetest! 

On the drive home, I paused to rest my blurry eyes and do a leetle thrift shopping in Santa Maria where I scored four pairs of pants, two awesome sweaters and two happy long sleeved ts for under ten smackeroos! The best part being that the pants fit. go me! 

And then today I had to work at job-o number two but since I did not have to be there until 9am, I hit up our brand new Target in hopes of some Missoni action (I know, I'm still laughing as well) but all I got was a parade of other hopefullys zombie-ing around the brand new store searching all in vain as our store was only getting the clothes and a few dishes. Drats. instead, I purchased a mop, tension rod, bottle brush and a boring old king sized pillow for the bed.**

Tomorrow is job-o number one and I am so looking forward to afterwards so I can maybe, hopefully conquer some of this sleepiness and take a nap. Phew! 

**and maybe a pair or two of Missoni socks that jumped into my shopping cart.


  1. You have a fear of driving long distances? Me too!

  2. Thank you for coming!! I'm STILL enjoying that delish watermelon! You = the bestest!